Volunteer work provides the opportunity to grow while supporting others. For additional information on current volunteer opportunities or other ways to support student wellness, email the Barnes Center at The Arch or call 315.443.8000.

Student Health Advisory Committee

The Student Health Advisory Committee is a group of students across campus that provide guidance and feedback on Barnes Center at The Arch health initiatives, programs and services. This group is composed of students that have been nominated by staff, faculty and other students in representation of their school or college. The students are asked to volunteer for four to five hours per month, including a monthly 90-minute meeting and monthly projects between meeting times.

The committee seeks a diverse group of students across the campus community that can provide honest feedback and have the time to fully commit to this volunteer opportunity.

Student Education and Prevention Team for Sexual and Relationship Violence (SEPT) Listserv

The SEPT listserv is for members of the campus community that would like to receive updates about sexual and relationship violence prevention programming and initiatives. Students, faculty and staff passionate about sexual and relationship violence prevention are encouraged to join this listserv and share information regarding sexual and relationship violence programming they are involved with.

Join the SEPT Listserv today!