The Barnes Center at The Arch team is prepared to help coordinate your health care needs associated with safely traveling aboard.

Schedule an Appointment
Please note, there is a No-Show Fee.  
  1. Have Syracuse University I.D. number and insurance information available.
  2. Call 315.443.8000 or schedule on the Patient Portal. (At this time drop-in services are not available.)
  3. Barnes Center staff will complete a triage process to determine level of care needed and location of care provided. A limited number of same day appointments are available.

Before Traveling

At least eight weeks prior to departure, it is a best practice to have a health care appointment to assess the need for immunizations and medications. Prior to your health care appointment, you are strongly advised to fully explore resources concerning traveler health provided by the following sources. For more information or questions, email the Barnes Center at The Arch or call 315.443.8000.