Wellness Leadership Institute


For questions or to request accommodations, please email Barnes Center at The Arch Health Promotion or call 315.443.8000.


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Workshop Topics

Please visit the Wellness Leadership Institute workshop schedule to explore which workshops are currently available.

Participants will learn about general information on alcohol use, a variety of strategies for safer alcohol use and how to recognize and respond to alcohol poisoning. Workshop provided by Be Wise Peer Educators.

Allyship is important now more than ever given the social climate in our country. Presented by STOP Bias, this workshop is designed to teach participants the practice of allyship as a proactive way of living rather than reactive interventions. Participants will explore the importance and benefits of true allyship and have the opportunity to practice with various scenarios.

Participants will learn about hazing, the affirmative consent framework, and how it can impact social connections and mental health. Additionally, attendees will learn how to recognize hazing and how to act as a prosocial bystander to safely intervene.

A healthy mind, body, spirit and community helps you thrive inside and outside the classroom. During this presentation, learn about on-campus resources and how to Be Well.

It's on all of us to be a part of creating an inclusive campus community. Please join us for a brief workshop where participants will discuss what bias is and review real-life, relatable examples. Students will learn about the importance and power of bystander intervention as well as practice techniques. Finally, students will learn about the STOP Bias and Hate resource on campus and how to report bias-related and hate incidents they experience, witness or hear about.

Having trouble finding time to cook in college? Feeling like eating is way too expensive? Not sure what to eat? Attend this workshop and learn how to nourish your body through simple, tasty meals and snacks.

Participants will learn about the bystander effect and how to overcome barriers to intervening in situations that might be dangerous, risky or unsafe to another person. Workshop hosted by Peer Educators Encouraging Healthy Relationships and Sexuality (PEEHRS).

Participants will learn more about diversity, inclusion, and the importance of understanding intersectionality from different lens. Additionally, attendees will learn about how to join the C.A.R.E. six-week dialogue sessions.