Crowley Family MindSpa

Experience the Crowley Family MindSpa

Three rooms offer students, faculty and staff opportunities to practice mindfulness and other guided relaxation techniques independently in a private, accessible and welcoming environment.  Highlights include the following.

  • Art Materials
  • Biofeedback Tools
  • Light Therapy Box
  • Massage Chairs
  • Meditation Resources
  • Wind Chime Machines
  • Zen Gardens
  • More!

Required Crowley Family MindSpa Reservations

If this is your first time using the Wellness Portal, learn more on the Wellness Portal Instructional webpage.


  • Crowley Family MindSpa Wellness Portal reservations are required.
  • Individual room and massage chair reservations must be made separately.
  • Upon arrival, please check-in with the Crowley Family MindSpa front desk.