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Sober Cuse

Syracuse University Barnes Center at The Arch Sober Cuse meeting space includes a welcoming circle, comfortable varying seating options and more.

Through casual, student-facilitated conversation and fun substance-free social events, Sober Cuse builds community and fosters belonging among students in or seeking recovery, as well as those who are living a substance-free lifestyle, curious about sobriety, or looking to make changes to the way they use substances.

Recovery from substance use is a highly personalized process of change through which people improve their relationship with substances, live as their most authentic selves, and strive to reach their full potential. An important step for many in or seeking recovery in a collegiate environment is to connect with others on a similar journey. The Sober Cuse community is filled with unique individuals who have at least one thing in common—their lived experience as a sober or sober-curious student.

Yes! Sober Cuse welcomes Syracuse University and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) undergraduate and graduate students who are in or seeking recovery from substance use disorder, as well as those who are living a substance-free lifestyle, curious about sobriety, or looking to make changes to the way they use substances. Friends and supporters are always welcome too!

Sober Cuse empowers attendees to be their authentic selves and support one another while navigating a college experience free from alcohol and other substances. We encourage you to come as you are, from wherever you are, and join our growing community of sober and sober-curious peers!

Regular substance-free social events provide an opportunity for students to gather for friendship, community, growth and fun without the influence of alcohol or other substances. Through peer-facilitated discussion, which focuses on topics such as identifying triggers, setting boundaries and navigating relationships as a sober or sober-curious student, Sober Cuse creates a safe space for students to share experiences, celebrate triumphs, discuss struggles and collaborate on empowering solutions.

  • “I find it useful and reinvigorating to talk to other students.”
  • “It is extremely helpful.”
  • “I like the vibe that the program had and the events are fun.”
  • “It helps keep me in check with my goals.”

Additional On-Campus Resources

AA supports individuals in or seeking recovery by combining a 12-step recovery model with topic-specific discussion meetings facilitated by a Syracuse community member in recovery. Meetings are open and held in Hendricks Chapel for the convenience of individuals affiliated with Syracuse University.

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