Faculty and Staff Resources

Here are some resources that will be useful to you as a staff or faculty member:

Health and Wellness Student Resources

Faculty and staff members may be the first to recognize a student in distress or to introduce students to the variety of holistic health and wellness resources on campus. As members of the Orange community, we support one another and knowing the resources below can be helpful in your work with students. More information on how to help students connect to resources are available below or by calling 315.443.8000.


From arriving to a new college environment to life’s transitions, students may at times feel disconnected. The following resources can help them meet new people and build connections.


Experiences of marginalization related to identity can have a significant negative impact on health and wellness. The following resources can help students explore their identity and build community.

Physical Wellness, Health Care

As students establish routines and habits in a college environment, their physical wellness can sometimes be overlooked. The following resources can help them learn new practices and maintain good health.

Sexual and Relationship Violence

The Sexual and Relationship Violence Response Team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for students seeking support, advocacy and discussion of reporting options for sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and harassment by calling 315.443.8000. This is a free and confidential service.

For 24/7, confidential support off campus through counseling, advocacy and providing shelter, students can contact Vera House at 315.468.3260. Students can also learn more about sexual and relationship violence prevention and education through the following resources.


Between balancing academic, professional and personal responsibilities, students may express feelings of stress. The following resources can support stress reduction and management.

Substance Use

As students navigate their college experience, they may face challenging decisions involving alcohol and other drugs. The following resources can support healthy decision-making.

Referring a Student

Please direct students to call 315.443.8000 or to explore this website.

This team often serves as a bridge between students, families and academic affairs. Learn more by visiting the Support Services webpage or by calling 315.443.4357 (HELP).

This team coordinates access for students with disabilities through an interactive process involving CDR, the student, faculty and staff. Visit the Center for Disability Resources website or call 315.443.4498 to learn about referrals, the Disability Faculty Portal and more.

24-Hour Support (315.443.8000)

Syracuse University students experiencing a mental health crisis, seeking support for sexual assault or relationship violence, or needing urgent medical consultation can receive free confidential services 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 315.443.8000. Please note, routine consultations should hold until the next business day.

Wellness Leadership Institute

Supportive of the Barnes Center at The Arch Wellness Wheel, workshops highlight the eight Dimensions of Wellness, with a core of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. Learn more on the Wellness Leadership Institute webpage and below.

  • Over 50 workshop topics available.
  • Qualified presenters (faculty, staff, Barnes Center at The Arch Peer Educators).
  • Flexible workshop schedule (in-person, virtual live, video).
  • Faculty may refer/require student participation in workshops.
  • Using the Wellness Education Request Form and with advance notice, faculty may request attendance verification and/or workshop videos for classes and groups.
  • Students are encouraged to self-register for workshops and shareable instructions are available within the Wellness Education Request Form.
  • Faculty and advisors can use the referral function in Orange Success to refer students to the Wellness Leadership Institute. Once complete Barnes Center at The Arch staff will contact the student.
  • Students who complete a workshop within each of the Dimensions of Wellness, will receive a certificate and a graduation medallion. Students can usually complete the program within a semester.

Faculty/Staff Consultation

  • Barnes Center Health and Wellness: The health and wellness team is available for consultation support surrounding Health Care, Counseling, leadership development, programs, services, cross campus collaboration, opportunities for students to be involved and more. Please call the Barnes Center at The Arch at 315.443.8000 or explore this website to learn more.
  • Student Outreach and Retention Case Managers: This team often serves as a bridge between students, families and academic affairs. Learn more by visiting the Support Services webpage or by calling 315.443.4357 (HELP).

Faculty/Staff Training

The health and wellness team encourages campus community members to partner with the Barnes Center at The Arch for training and educational opportunities. Please use the Faculty/Staff Training Request Form to begin the request process. Learn more below and by visiting the Education and Resources webpage. 

  • Campus Connect (Training focuses on enhancing gatekeepers’ knowledge, awareness and skills concerning college student suicide.)
  • Distressed Student
  • Trauma Informed Training