Student Health and Wellness Fee Request Form

By completing this form, I [as a student] am requesting to be enrolled into the current semester’s Student Health and Wellness Fee in addition to confirming that I have read and understand the following.

  • Signing will grant access to student services and programs provided by the Barnes Center at The Arch, including Counseling, Health Care and Health Promotion.
  • Pending the care needed, additional charges may be associated per visit.
  • The Student Health and Wellness Fee cannot be prorated and provides access to services only for the semester in which it was paid.
  • I have reviewed and understand the following information which provides details on the current rate for the Student Health and Wellness Fee, and what it does and does not cover.
  • My digital signature authorizes the Office of the Bursar to apply the current Student Health and Wellness Fee to my student account. My confirmation email can be used as verification so that I may schedule an appointment.