Resources and Forms

View the most updated version of the RSO Handbook.

Use this constitution writing guide when crafting or making edits to your RSO constitution.

Estimate Request Form

Please use this form to request an estimate when using any of the larger event spaces that the Student Engagement office oversees. This is NOT a reservation and does not count as any sort of hold for any spaces.

The update/cancellation form is for updates to confirmed reservations only. Please do not use this form for new reservations.

RSO Ordering Sheet

All RSO orders including more than three (3) items must be recorded using the attached RSO ordering spreadsheet and submitted to an RSO Consultant well in advance.  Orders that are not recorded in the form and contain more than three items will not be accepted by RSO Consultants.

Please save a copy of this spreadsheet to your computer prior to editing. 

RSO Guides

The resource guides listed below can be used when navigating new systems or processes as a student leader.

Event Attendance Guide

Managing RSO Rosters

Elections Guide

Create an Event on Cuse Activities

Budget Request Guide

Event Planning Checklist

Recognized student organizations can receive assistance with technology-related issues from the Student Experience Technical Services team. Organizations can request assistance from Technical Services by contacting them via email at, by phone at 315.443.1436, or by visiting their space in Answers.

Please review the Q&A below for more detail on the scope and level of assistance provided.

The Student Experience (SE) Technical Services Group’s primarily responsible is to provide technology support and guidance for departments within the Division of the Student Experience. As an auxiliary to these services, the group provides consulting and technical support services for recognized student organizations and sports clubs. SE Technical Services also acts as a liaison to central IT on campus (ITS) and is responsible for assuring departments and organizations adhere to the university policies, procedures and security guidelines that relate to the acquisition and use of technology.

Technical Services provides technical assistance to student organizations recognized by Student Engagement and sports clubs recognized by Competitive Club Sports and Esports.

Technical Services provides assistance and guidance to organizations in the following areas. Further details on each can be found later in this document.

  • Purchasing – Technology-related purchases are subject to the university’s procurement, accessibility and security policies and guidelines (refer to Technical Services can assist student organizations in selecting technology and applications that meets their needs and are appropriate for use in the university environment. Selecting and procuring technology takes time so please contact Technical Services well in advance of considering moving forward with a purchase. Examples of technology we assist organizations acquire include computer hardware, networked devices (e.g. printers), web and software applications, and technology-related services.
  • Web Support/Maintenance – Technical Services provides web hosting services using the WordPress platform. Additional details as to the options available can be found at
  • Technology Configuration and Deployment – Technical services can assist with the setup and networking of computers and other devices. We also provide assistance with the installation and configuration of any required software applications.
  • Troubleshooting – Technical Services can troubleshoot and diagnose problems with technology and coordinate repair and/or replacement for faulty computers.

Technical Services does not charge a fee for any of the services mentioned above. For larger projects that may involve significant investments in time and resources, a fee may be considered. In those cases, a representative from the student organization should meet with an associate in Technical Services and discuss the project in detail.

Information here is for full time faculty or staff members interested in becoming an advisor to a recognized student organization. Included is the application that must be submitted as well.

This is a template students can use when contacting agents to confirm price, availability and booking information for proof of cost.

This document details the event planning process and includes important deadlines.

Student Association and the Co-Curricular grant require proof of cost sheets to back-up why you are requesting a specific dollar amount for a certain item. This packet will show you what are acceptable proofs of cost for typical budget items.

This is a sample and editable version of the timeline your organization can and should follow to plan ahead and know who is handling what aspect of the show.

  • Steps for any off-campus student travel over 100 miles:
  • Student leader must complete the travel form.
  • Student leader must also alert RSO Consultant with travel information and names of students traveling.
  • Consultant will setup the trip in Travel Registry (
  • Traveling students must complete travel waiver form emailed to them directly.
  • Travel will be approved upon completion of all travel waivers.