Event Services

Servicing Priority

Student Engagement’s scope of service is limited to (in order of priority):

  • Venues within the student centers
  • Events sponsored by Recognized Student Organizations held elsewhere on campus
  • Events sponsored by the Division of the Student Experience.

If we cannot support your event due to a previous booking, or equipment scheduling conflicts, you will be referred to an appropriate off-campus vendor.

Academic and administrative departments on campus are referred to ITS’ Learning Environments and Media Production (LEMP) team for service and support of events that are outside the scope of Student Engagement’s service.

Logistics Meetings

Events will require additional coordination and collaboration with the Student Engagement team. At logistics meetings, Student Engagement will work with you to finalize the details of your event.

Logistic Meeting Expectations

  • Due to service provider deadlines and Student Engagement’s need to schedule its staff, there is a two (2) week deadline to finalize all technical and security details.
  • Student Engagement will discuss venue configuration and capacities, technical needs, technical riders, security needs, and itineraries to determine the level of staffing and technical support necessary.
  • A room diagram will be developed during this meeting to layout the event configuration.
  • Student Engagement reserves the right to cancel any event whose sponsor has not met with the appropriate staff member prior to this deadline.
  • Events that are high profile, logistically challenging, or have high security needs may require a production meeting prior to the event.  Production meetings are an opportunity for all the necessary service providers to collaborate with the sponsor prior to the event and walk through the program to troubleshoot any potential issues or trouble spots.

Event Sponsor Expectations

  • Have logistics meeting two (2) weeks prior to event date to finalize event details, technical needs, the use of fog/haze and rehearsal times.
  • One Week prior to event:
    • Lighting request forms are due 1 week prior to the first rehearsal or the event if no rehearsals are scheduled.
    • Day of show schedules, program order, and rehearsal schedules (if necessary) are due 1 week prior to the first rehearsal or the event date if no rehearsals are scheduled.
  • Technical rehearsals are for technical purposes only
    • Student Engagement understands that moving a performance piece to the stage may require adjustments to blocking, choreography, entrances, and exits. However, the main purpose of technical rehearsals is to finalize programming for lighting and set audio levels.  Any issues with choreography that are not related to transitioning to the stage or performer safety should be worked on at a different time.  Organizations can reserve venues for non-technical rehearsals for free as the schedule allows.
  • Same day rehearsals:
    • Rehearsals will end no later than one hour prior to doors opening.
    • Any sponsor or performer in the venue prior to doors opening that will be sitting in the audience will need to present their comp ticket.
    • Any sponsor or performer staying in the venue prior to the doors opening that will not be sitting in the audience must relocate their belongings to the dressing room or backstage and report to their designated location.

Technical Riders

Sponsors wishing to host events featuring contracted speakers, artists or performers are required to have any technical contract riders approved by a Student Engagement Event and Technical Services (ETS) staff member prior to having the contracts signed.  Sponsors must also follow all Student Activities policies and procedures related to contract signing and approvals.

The ETS Package Fee may not cover any specialty equipment and/or staffing required by many performing artists, and therefore Student Engagement must rent or hire from an off-campus vendor.  Any cost incurred on behalf of the sponsor to provide additional equipment or specialized staffing will be passed on to the sponsor.  In order to provide an accurate cost estimate, and to secure additional equipment or specialized staffing, technical riders must be provided to Student Engagement at least two (2) weeks prior to the event.