Student Center Policies

Facility Entry Policy

The Schine and Goldstein Student Centers (Student Centers) are spaces designed for students, faculty and staff to gather in an atmosphere conducive to social, leisure, and educational purposes. The Student Centers give priority to Syracuse University faculty, students, and staff. Users with valid Syracuse University or SUNY-ESF I.D. cards may use the facility during all operating hours.

Only SU and SUNY-ESF students, faculty, and staff may be present in Schine Student Center after 9 p.m. or before 7:30 a.m., unless express permission is given by Student Engagement

Any building occupant must provide proof of identification and/or affiliation when asked by any University official.

Use and Conduct Policy

In addition to the regulations mentioned below, Student Center users are expected to act in accordance with all University policies and the Student Conduct Code.  Anywhere our policies are out of date, the current updated University policy supersedes.

Service Animals are welcome. All other animals are prohibited. See University Assistance Animal Policy for further information.

Helium balloons are allowed in the building with the exception of the atrium or locations where balloons are difficult to retrieve from, including but not limited to high ceilings, lights, HVAC equipment, etc. Please consult with a representative of Student Engagement for more information.

Bike racks are provided outside the student centers. Bicycles are not permitted inside the building. The University is not responsible for damage or theft. Rollerblades, scooters, wheelies, and skateboards are prohibited.

Products that present unusual or difficult cleaning situations are not permitted. This includes glitter, spray paint, confetti, sand, colored powder, large amounts of cardboard, paper, or other bulky waste. Any event requiring excessive clean-up will incur fees from Facilities Services.

Candles, burning incense, or other open flames are not permitted in the Student Centers.  Any water or smoke-based particles (i.e. fog machine) may be allowed for particular events in specific areas. Please contact Student Engagement staff for more information.

Syracuse University Catering is the only authorized catering service for Syracuse University, providing food and beverages in compliance with New York State law, the Onondaga County Health Department and Syracuse University Policy on Alcohol, Other Drugs and Tobacco.

All meetings and events in the Student Centers who wish to serve food and beverage are required to utilize Syracuse University Catering. Student Engagement works closely with the catering staff to ensure your needs are met. Please visit the Syracuse University Catering website for information on menus, policies and timelines.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Any organization wishing to place collection bins or boxes in any part of the Student Centers must make reservations through 25Live for that activity (this will be the “SCHINEATRIUM” location). Organizations must provide details about dates of the drive, security arrangements, who will tend to the boxes, and when they will be emptied. So that all drives have a chance to be effective, there will be time limits as to how long a reservation may be in effect for both an organization and a specific purpose or beneficiary; in addition, the total number of drives operating at any one time will be limited.

The computer workstations require Syracuse University NetID login credentials and are reserved at all times for those with an SU/SUNY-ESF I.D. card or alumni card (SU students, faculty, staff, alumni, and spouses, partners or dependents.) Any visitor may use their laptop or personal mobile device to access the University’s AirOrange wireless network as a guest.

Computer workstation users are expected to comply with the University's Computing and Electronic Communications policy which governs the use of computers, networks, and related services on the Syracuse University campus, while accessing university computers and networks.

Users must comply with all licensing and copyright regulations that apply to systems or software. Users must respect the rights of others, respect the integrity of the computers, networks, and related services, and observe all relevant laws, regulations, contractual obligations, and University policies and procedures. In addition, users or visitors may not engage in the following conduct:

  • abusive or harassing conduct;
  • any criminal or otherwise illegal conduct, including the public display of offensive sexual materials as restricted by state and federal laws;
  • any copyright infringement; and
  • damaging, disabling or otherwise interfering with the operation of computers, computer systems (including, but not limited to, altering the existing computer settings).

All concerts are subject to prior approval by the Associate Director of Event & Technical Services as well as Leadership and Organizations. Student organizations wishing to co-sponsor, conduct, or produce any major event should contact Student Engagement at least 60 days in advance of the event.

Student Engagement reserves the right to ensure that the safety and well-being of its facilities and occupants are protected at all times. In order to ensure such protection, Student Engagement reserves the right to enforce items such as occupancy, events being ticketed, and additional police and/or security personnel on site for any activity hosted within its facilities. Student Engagement also reserves the right to cancel any activity, before or in progress, if the security and safety of the building and/or its occupants are threatened.

Those responsible for any acts of damage, theft, or vandalism to the Student Centers, will be subject to referral to the Office of Community Standards and/or the Department of Public Safety.

Users are not permitted to nail, tape, glue, or affix anything to the walls, columns, windows, doors, etc. inside or outside of the Student Centers. All decorations must be ground supported. Damage to tables, chairs or equipment used for the event must be reported.

Alteration to the permanent structure of the spaces, including walls, ceilings, columns, seating, floors, windows, fixtures, screens and electricity is not permitted. Any damage will be charged to the group at the replacement/repair cost.

Digital signage is primarily intended to provide information on events and activities held in the Student Centers or promote events sponsored by Student Engagement. It also offers an opportunity for Syracuse University registered student organizations, campus departments, and the community to broadcast events or announcements in the Student Centers. To utilize the digital signage the event needs to meet the following criteria:

  • The event is being held in a Student Center space.
  • The event must be of interest to the greater campus community.
  • The event must be open to the public or a broad segment of the campus community.
  • Signage content must be approved. Allow at least two (2) weeks for approval.

For more information, please go to our Digital Signage page.

Disruptive behavior that interferes with the needs of others will not be tolerated. Offending individuals will be asked to cease their disruptive behavior or to leave the building.

  • Individuals demonstrating signs of intoxication or impairment due to illicit drug or other substance use will be denied access to student centers and/or programs being held in the facilities.
  • Music may be played at specific tabling spaces or in meeting rooms.
  • Be respectful when meeting rooms are in use.

Food and beverages may be taken throughout the facility. We ask that you not eat or drink at:

  • computer workstation areas
  • printer and photocopier areas
  • any areas where "no food and beverage" signs are posted

While on University owned or controlled property, unauthorized possession or use of any firearm or other weapon, instrument, or material that can be used to inflict bodily harm on an individual or against University property regardless of whether the individual possesses a valid permit to carry the firearm or weapon is prohibited.

Syracuse University is committed to academic freedom and freedom of expression. The Syracuse community is engaged in an ongoing conversation about how the University’s policies can be revised to reflect that commitment. Find more information in the University's full Free Speech policy.

A fundraiser by a registered student organization, to raise money for its own purposes, to support a program or event, or to benefit a charity may be held in the Student Centers. Fundraisers must follow Syracuse University fundraising guidelines.

The following procedures apply to any evacuation situation:

  • Become familiar with the building. Know the location of emergency exits.
  • In any emergency situation, contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 315.443.2224, 711 on a campus phone, or #78 from mobile.
  • In the event an evacuation is necessary, you will be directed by DPS, the fire department or building coordinators to evacuate.
  • Remain calm. Try to keep others calm.
  • Exit the building using stairwells. Never use the elevators.
  • Proceed to the designated meeting area(s). Keep quiet and listen for directions from DPS or the fire department.
  • Notify the first responding agency of trapped or injured persons or persons with disabilities and their location(s).
  • Never re-enter the building unless directed to do so by DPS or the fire department.
  • When the fire alarm sounds, all persons are to evacuate the building.

In compliance with fire and safety codes, hallways and stairwells must be free and clear of unauthorized items and/or may not be obstructed by a person or persons for an extended period of time. An unauthorized item is defined as anything that is not permanent to the Student Centers. Easels, display boards, or other items are not to be placed in hallways and stairwells without approval from Student Engagement.

Inflatables may only be used in outdoor areas and in Goldstein Auditorium, with approval, as other spaces are too small to provide proper clearance to walls, ceilings, and windows to allow safe use of inflatables.

Please be sure that you leave the space better than you found it. Clean up tables after eating and drinking.

The loading zone is intended for the use of persons or companies delivering or picking up items in the Student Center only. Use of the loading zone and its doors is permitted during approved active loading and unloading periods. Parking is not permitted in the loading zone area. While loading and/or unloading vehicles are not permitted to block in other vehicles, nor should they block any doors. Vehicles should be moved to a designated University parking location away from the loading zone once the loading or unloading is complete. Visitors must work with Parking and Transit Services  to purchase a valid permit. Student Engagement and Syracuse University are not responsible for any parking citations or towing charges vehicle owners may receive.

In an effort to maintain order and organization of the Student Center’s common areas, furniture may not be moved for personal or event use. Inquiries regarding furniture use in common spaces must go through the Student Engagement Operations Office. No unapproved “pop up” events are allowed in common areas.

Syracuse University is not responsible for lost or stolen items in the Schine Student Center or the Goldstein Student Center. Lost and found is located at the Information Desk in each Student Center.  Any found items should be turned in at the Information Desk.

Items are tracked in an electronic log with a description of the item, the date received, and the owner’s name, if applicable. If the owner of the item is able to be contacted, the Information Desk Attendant will email the owner to pick up the item during building hours.

All items will be stored for thirty (30) days unless they are the following:

  • Food and Beverage Items, including water bottles, coffee mugs, and lunch boxes. All these items will be thrown away at the end of the day.
  • Expensive items, including phones, laptops, iPads, etc.. These items will be kept in our safe until 8: p.m. and then turned over to the Department of Public Safety (DPS).
  • Identifiable items, such as I.D. cards, credit and debit cards, etc: Items will be kept in our safe until 8 p.m. and then turned over to the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Items not claimed after thirty (30) days will be disposed of/donated to charity organization.

If you believe that you have lost an item in the student center, please call 315.443.1985 for the Schine Student Center or 315.443.1990 for the Goldstein Student Center, or visit the Information Desk in the respective building. Even if your item has not been turned in, we will take down the information of what you are looking for and contact you if someone does turn it in.  If your item was lost in the Campus Store or Dining, please visit the respective location to ask the staff about your missing item.

Student Engagement must approve events involving minors in conjunction with the Syracuse University Minors on Campus policy

Professional photography or recording (filming or audio) in public areas of the student center requires prior approval. Please complete a photo or video request.

The Student Conduct Code will be enforced within all Student Center facilities.

Passing through any door where security alarms have been set is prohibited except during emergency evacuations.
Unauthorized propping open of any door is prohibited.

Students, faculty, and staff are not permitted in restricted or closed areas within student centers.

Any time you believe a crime has been committed, call the Department of Public Safety at 315.443.2224 and then report the incident to Student Center staff.

Syracuse University is a smoke and tobacco free campus. Smoking, vaping or any tobacco use is not permitted.

The Student Centers do not provide storage for vendors or events. The only storage available is reserved for registered student organizations only, and are on a first-come, first-serve basis through the Student Engagement office. Any items or equipment left behind will be removed at the vendor’s or event organizer’s expense. Student Engagement and Syracuse University cannot be held responsible for items or equipment left behind.


When lightning threatens, there could be an increased danger to persons attending outdoor events on the Quad or outdoors. Events taking place in those areas will be halted during a threat of lightning and may be resumed only after the danger has passed.

If lightning occurs, your group should go inside a nearby building. Do not seek shelter under awnings, umbrellas, tents, towers, trees, or tall objects that could attract a lightning strike. If you are working with an outdoor group, cease operations and guide your participants inside.

Rain, Wind and Backup Rain Locations

Due to the limited amount of space, in the case of rain, Student Engagement will do their best to work with you to try to accommodate your event on the day of the event only.
Make plans for protecting people, exhibits, equipment, food, and other event-related items from light rain. If you have reserved or are using Student Engagement equipment (amplifiers, speakers, umbrellas, tables, etc.), remember that your organization is responsible for any damage due to the use of the equipment in rain or wind. Be sure to check on the possibility of poor weather well in advance of your event, to leave enough time to change venues, postpone, or cancel as necessary. The warning of storms having the possibility of heavy rains, winds, and tornados comes from monitoring local weather stations and the weather alert system provided by DPS.

Severe Weather/Campus Closed Conditions

Syracuse University remains open and observes its schedules in all weather, unless the determination is made by the University that current weather conditions warrant cancellations of classes and/or closing.

In the event of extreme weather emergency conditions, instructions will be communicated to the University community.

If the university is closed, the Student Center may continue to operate under limited conditions. Student Engagement staff will contact groups with active reservations to cancel events and review rescheduling options.

Student Engagement reserves the right to cancel an event it cannot safely host due to inclement weather or other conditions beyond its control.