The Leadership team within Student Engagement hosts a variety of programs intended to strengthen students’ leadership capabilities and build their portfolio of skills. Our leadership programs were created to cultivate and support those students interested in motivating and leading others while at Syracuse University and beyond.

Leadership Development Programs

RSO Re-Registration

The Student Engagement office’s Recognized Student Organization (RSO) re-registration process strives to create meaningful opportunities for student leaders to learn and develop leadership skills. Through a series of required trainings and workshops, we aim to set our students up with the tools to succeed both within their organizations and in their personal and professional endeavors.

44 Stars of Excellence Leadership Awards

The 44 Stars of Excellence Leadership Awards acknowledge students, advisors, and Recognized Student Organizations who demonstrate outstanding dedication and commitment to their organization and its mission.  Students, faculty and staff are invited annually to submit nominations for the awards.

The Award for Positive Advocacy and AwarenessPresented to students and recognized student organizations who have been the most effective in promoting social justice and raising awareness for a cause whether on the Syracuse University campus or in the greater community, in a timely and relevant manner. Nominees demonstrate a commitment to continuous self-awareness and broad societal awareness, especially in working with people with marginalized identities.
Unsung Hero AwardPresented to an individual who has helped their organization achieve success. This person may not be in a formal leadership position but goes above and beyond what is typical for a general member.
The Award for Diversity and InclusionPresented to students and recognized student organizations who have demonstrated a sincere commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion by serving as advocates for awareness on campus and in the community. Nominees intentionally recognize and incorporate intersectionality in their work to better support people in making meaning of their lives, perspectives, and experiences.
The Award for Public and Community ServicePresented to students and recognized student organizations who have exhibited exceptional effort in planning and implementing significant service projects within the University and/or Syracuse communities.
The Award for Excellence by an Organizational AdvisorPresented to a recognized student organization advisor who demonstrates outstanding commitment to an organization by providing mentorship to the organization and supporting organizational programs and events, as well as ensuring successful leadership transitions within the organization.
Campus Partnership AwardPresented to a student who recognizes that the whole is greater than the sum of parts and aims to bring University stakeholders together for a common purpose. This student embodies the mission of the Campus Partnership Award by efficiently and effectively working towards cultivating a collaborative campus community.
The Innovation Award -Best New Organization, Initiative, or EventPresented to recognized student organizations that have created a new organization, event, or initiative for the first time this academic year. The organization made a conscious effort to promote, plan, implement, and introduce innovative programs/initiatives that have not been addressed by previous planning or organizations.
The Award for Excellence by an Organization Leader Presented to a recognized student organization leader who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and service to their student organization. Leaders should not only have enhanced their individual organization but also the Syracuse University community through their leadership and involvement.
The La Fuerza Community Enhancement AwardPresented to graduating students in recognition of their outstanding contributions and commitment to diversity. These individuals have used their energy, spirit, and leadership in initiating and implementing actions that help our campus community go beyond tolerance to create dialogue among people from diverse cultural groups.
The Orange Award: Best SU SpiritPresented to students who have demonstrated pride in Syracuse University by promoting, attending, and being involved in a variety of student organizations and events, demonstrating to other students the importance of being part of the Orange Nation.
The Award for Outstanding Senior LeadershipPresented to graduating seniors who have demonstrated dedication to developing themselves, others, and the University through their involvement and leadership in the classroom, in student organizations, and in other facets of student life. These students are strong academically, active in the community, and serve as role models to their peers.
The 44 Stars Award: RSO of the YearPresented to a recognized student organization that has contributed to offering an unsurpassed student experience. This RSO has demonstrated excellence in collaboration with their advisor, Student Engagement, and any other governing offices that they routinely interact with. The RSO of the Year has also provided opportunities for each student, equitably, to become involved in their organization and has contributed to a positive campus culture.


Syracuse University’s BOLD program is a voluntary program that empowers student organizations to take charge in their leadership growth and their organization’s success.

The program’s curriculum is based on participation in skill-based workshops meant to engage student organization members in active discussion and reflection of four leadership themes:

  • The leader in you: explore your strengths & discover your leadership style.
  • Your influence on others: how those strengths can be used in your organization.
  • You and your organization: develop skills and techniques needed to promote your organization’s interactions & initiatives.
  • Leading in your world: discover how to make a difference on campus and in your community.

Through completing goals within the curriculum, students will develop the skills needed to successfully run their organization and make positive changes on campus and in the community. Students will also be eligible earn certificates that will boost their resume and earn rewards that will contribute to their organization’s events, activities, and interactions.

What are the BOLD Learning Outcomes?

Students and organization leaders will be able to:

  • Analyze their leadership strengths, styles and areas of improvement
  • Examine the values that shape their leadership of their organization
  • Increase contributions and create new programming within their organization and community
  • Apply new strategies to increase communication, collaboration and conflict resolution
  • Critique their organizations mission and goals
  • Create an environment that supports diversity, equity and inclusion as well as diverse thoughts, opinions and experiences of those around them
  • Integrate SU policies, procedures and resources into programs
  • Evaluate how they can lead their organization to create positive change within the community