Outdoor Spaces

The following outdoor spaces are available for a variety of reservation types, including events, lawn signs and chalking. To make a reservation, please complete the online reservation request form.

Chalking is permitted on the Kenneth A. Shaw Quadrangle on the non-brick sidewalks. Chalking is not permitted in the Orange Grove.

Reservations for chalking the Quad require registered student organizations and University departments to use water soluble chalk.

Specific rules apply to chalking the Quad. Please refer to the Campus Posting Policy for more details.

The Einhorn Family Walk is located in front of Schine Student Center. This space may be used for lawn signs, tabling, sponsored runs, walks or rolls, and occasional events.

No event or use may block the Einhorn Family Walk at any time. It is an emergency roadway and must be kept clear at all times.

The two areas of grass between the Schine Student Center and Newhouse School are considered the Grassy Knoll. This space may be reserved for lawn signs.

Lawn sign reservations can be made for the Quad, Einhorn Family Walk and Grassy Knoll. The reservations may be made in non-consecutive, one-week blocks (Monday – Sunday).

Registered Student Organizations or University departments may not make reservations on behalf of any other formal or informal group, club or company; nor, may reservations be made for purposes not consistent with the purposes and constitution of the reserving organization or department.

Lawn Sign Policies and Procedures

The purpose of lawn signs along the Quad and Einhorn Family Walk walkways or on the Grassy Knoll are to display or promote meetings, registered student organization membership, or campus events. Syracuse University departments may display lawn signs that promote the resources and events they offer to students, faculty and staff.

As such, the following are requirements regarding lawn signs:

  • Student Engagement does not provide stakes or signs for the reservation; sponsoring organizations must provide.
  • Placement for the lawn signs are based on the email confirmation you received and are to be located:
    • On the Quad, signs should be placed on the lawn close to the sidewalks as possible. Signs are not permitted under any of the tents on the Quad.
    • On the Einhorn Family Walk, signs should be placed on lawn areas close to the sidewalks. Signs are not permitted in any flower beds or flower pots.
    • On the Grassy Knoll, your email confirmation will specify the upper or lower grassy knoll. Signs should be placed in the grassy area located between the Schine Student Center and Newhouse School. The upper knoll is on the portion closest to the Einhorn Family Walk and the lower knoll portion is closest to Waverly Ave.
  • Signs already placed on the Quad, Einhorn Family Walk and Grassy Knoll are to be left in place.
  • When placing lawn signs, please be respectful of classes, meetings or events occurring in the surrounding area.
  • The lawn signs must be removed by the end of the day on the last date of the reservation.
  • All Registered Student Organization lawn signs must be approved through Student Engagement prior to the reservation dates.
  • The Registered Student Organization’s name, as it appears in ‘Cuse Activities, or the department’s name must be clearly displayed on the lawn sign.
  • If promoting a meeting or event, the date and time must be clearly displayed on the lawn sign.
  • The content of the lawn sign must adhere to the Campus Posting Policy.
  • If a lawn sign falls apart, comes loose or falls over it will be removed.
  • Student Engagement is not responsible for stolen or damaged lawn signs.
  • Student Engagement has the right to deny space for lawn signs.
  • Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in the loss of lawn sign privileges for the semester.