Registrar Spaces and Classrooms

Student Engagement receives and processes all non-academic related requests to use Registrar spaces. Examples of Registrar spaces include: 500 Hall of Languages, Grant Auditorium, HBC Gifford,  Life Sciences Building 001 and classrooms. Please use the LEMP Classroom Resource Guide to view the available spaces, photos and lists of equipment in each room.

Please note, capacity will be based on the room set up and COVID-19 protocols.

Complete the online reservation request form to request a classroom/Registrar space.

Space Parameters for Classrooms

    • Room availability is based on building hours set by each Academic building.
    • Academic classes come first.
    • Rooms are as is—no additional furniture can be added.
    • Noise must be kept to a minimum during administrative office and class hours (Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m.-10 p.m. and  Friday 8 a.m. -6 p.m.)
    • Room users are responsible for the setup and breakdown of furniture.
      • 500 Hall of Languages requires a one-hour setup time.
    • You must return room to how it was when you entered. Return room to original set-up prior to leaving the room.
    • Student Centers and Programming Services reserves the right to reassign space in order to accommodate a different or larger group.
    • It is the sponsor’s responsibility to pay for any damages incurred in room(s) that have been reserved.
    • In general, food is not allowed in registrar spaces, except when provided by Campus Catering.