Reservation Restrictions

The following restrictions apply when making a reservation:

  • Individual persons (students, faculty, staff) are not permitted to make a reservation.
  • Outside entities are not permitted to make a reservation.
  • Eligible campus-based users, student organizations or individuals may not reserve space in the student centers for another person or group. Hiding or concealing the identity of the true client due to non-eligibility for use of facilities, monetary exemptions, or the policies and mission of Syracuse University is not permitted.
  • Individual students and/or employees of the University may not reserve space for commercial purposes.
  • Student organizations may not act as agents for University departments, off-campus persons or organizations in order to receive student organization rates for use of space.
  • University departments may not act as agents for off-campus vendors or organizations to receive department rates for use of space.
  • Student organizations, University departments and non-University clients may not reserve space for individuals or organizations that are not directly involved with the event or the requesting organization.

Please note: scheduling a space for a class project for other reason not directly related to registered student organizations may be requested in writing to Becki Bruzdzinski. Approval will be granted based on the completion of specific criteria outlined upon request.

Any student organization, University department, or non-University client that violates the reservation policy is subject to sanctions, including paying for the space at the highest appropriate rental rate, or having the event cancelled.