Digital Signage

Schine Student Center serves as the hub of student life on campus, providing a welcoming and versatile space to meet students’ needs for gathering, meeting, eating, studying and lounging. At the core is providing spaces, programs and services that promote connectivity, inclusion, engagement and community. It is a space that brings student life front-and-center, and as such, digital signage content will be prioritized to focus on the student experience and student organizations.

Digital Signage Guidelines and Expectations

Signage Content

  • Must pertain to a Syracuse University related event or function that is open to all students (no off-campus or local community events not affiliated with SU) or programs, services or information (non-event specific) of interest to students, such as public health or safety information, nomination/award opportunities, etc.
  • Multiple slides promoting the same event or function is discouraged.
  • Registered student organizations must have their event approved by their Student Engagement RSO Consultant or FASA advisor before submitting digital sign requests.
  • Signage must include sponsor’s name (e.g. name of student organization, department name) and contact for accommodation requests.

File types

  • Acceptable files types: JPG, PNG, MP4

Image Layouts & Resolutions

  • Horizontal Screens: 1920 x 1080 pixels, 72 dpi
  • Vertical Screens: 1080 x 1920 pixels, 72 dpi


  • Content can be displayed for up to two (2) weeks prior to an event. The posting will be taken down automatically at midnight the day the event concludes.
  • Non-event specific posts can be displayed for up to two (2) weeks. Exceptions will be made for month-long celebrations or content related to public health and safety.
  • Posters are displayed for 15 seconds each. Promotional videos (no audio) can be up to 30 seconds.
  • There will be no audio for promotional videos, but captions should be included and can be displayed.


  • All digital signage must meet accessibility standards in order to be approved.
  • Use text colors that have high contrast from the background color.
  • Chose a legible font and text size (recommended no less than 27 pt.)
  • Limit the amount of copy on the sign.
  • Videos with audio must include captions.

User Groups

Requests for digital displays will only be accepted from:

  • Registered Student Organizations (including recognized Fraternity and Sorority chapters)
  • University administrative and academic units

Submission Process

Digital signage requests are submitted through the following process:

  • For Recognized Student Organizations:
    • Use the RSO Digital Signage Request Form to submit digital signage requests.
    • Two-Part Approval Process: RSOs must receive approval from their Student Engagement RSO consultant or Fraternity and Sorority Affairs liaison confirming that their event is registered and all required information is on their digital flyer. Once approved by the consultant, the Digital Signage Content Coordinator will review the digital flyer for accessibility. Submissions not meeting basic design and accessibility standards will be sent back to the individual/group for edits, which may delay the digital flyer approval process. Signage will be submitted for posting once all requirements are met.  Design templates and full design assistance are available if needed.
  • For Academic/Administrative Units:
    • Use the Academic/Administrative Unit Digital Signage Request Form to submit requests.
    • Approval Process: All submissions must meet accessibility and design standards. Approval may also be dependent upon event scheduling, volume of content in rotation, or number of submissions received by the unit in a period of time.
  • Requests should be submitted at least five (5) business days in advance prior to the event date. Requests made without five business days’ notice are not guaranteed to be displayed.

Training and Access to Digital Signage for RSOs

Training is recommended for RSOs that would like their content displayed on the digital signs, though it is not required. A consultation with the Digital Signage Content Coordinator can be scheduled to go over accessibility standards, signage specifics, and to assess your group’s design needs.

Consultation & Training Options:

Stage 1: RSOs requesting full design assistance

  • Students would need to request this service at least 2 weeks prior to their event.

Stage 2: RSOs requesting a design template

Stage 3: RSOs designing their own digital flyer

RSOs can email Emily Au to schedule a consultation.

Content Best Practices

Maximize the entire canvas area:

  • Use high quality images that fill the slide to make it easier to read.
  • Use larger font sizes as most people will be reading these from a distance.

Avoid too much text:

  • Summarize the message you want to get across using the least number of words.
  • If a viewer can’t read everything within 4-6 seconds while passing the screen, it won’t be read fully.
  • All slides are configured to run for a 15 second duration.
  • Use high contrast color schemes in your design for best readability.

Keep it Short and Sweet:

  • Who, what, where, when and a brief why if necessary.

Digital Signage Available

LocationOrientationExport AsPurposeUser Group Access
Underground (Two Displays)Landscape (1920x1080px)PNG or JPGPromotionAll
Media Wall (only reserved as part of an event in the Schine Student Center or special use case)Landscape (2688x2376px)PNG or JPG; MP4As part of an eventEvent Sponsors
Dining Area Displays (facing dining)Portrait (1080x1920px for one screen; 1080x3840px for full column)PNG or JPGPromotionAll
Outside Goldstein AuditoriumPortrait
PNG or JPGCurrent/Upcoming Events at GoldsteinAll
Outside Student Activities Suite (Three Displays)Portrait
PNG or JPGPromotionRSOs
Tabling Area (Two Displays)Landscape (1920x1080px)PNG or JPGPromotion for groups while tabling; general promotionAll
Panasci Lounge (Four Displays)Landscape (1920x1080px)PNG or JPGPromotion All