RSO Digital Signage Request Form

Recognized Student Organizations

You may upload digital copies of posters for events you’d like to promote on the Schine Student Center digital kiosks here (see format requirements below). By submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read and understand the requirements and information listed below.

For Registered Student Organizations:

  • Please make sure your event’s funding and space have been secured before poster submission.
  • Please select your student organization consultant to help with the approval process.
  • Student organization fliers must include the following information to be approved:
    • Event date, time, location, and contact information
    • The following word for word: “FOR ANY QUESTIONS, OR TO REQUEST ACCOMMODATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT (Email) BY (Deadline)” *please note that the deadline for accommodations is expected to be at least one week prior to the event. It is also expected that posters are submitted prior to the accommodations deadline, allowing potential attendees time to make requests.*
    • Student Organization events must also be added to the ‘Cuse Activities event calendar and made public.

Please allow enough time to process your request. Posters should be submitted more than one week prior to an event (see the note above regarding the accommodations deadline). Keep in mind your Student Activities consultant must review your poster first, and then it will be passed to another team who will review it for compliance with accessibility standards and then schedule it to appear on the display. Plan ahead to ensure enough time to obtain these approvals and properly market your event.

Please keep in mind that your poster is displayed for 15 seconds in rotation, so you will want to bring attention to key things, like your event name, date/time and location. Your poster can displayed for up to two (2) weeks.

Limited to one poster per event (which can – and should – be in both orientations). There are both portrait and landscape oriented screens on campus. We recommend that you submit both versions of your poster so that it can be displayed across all available screens (maximum impact!) If you choose to only submit one version please be advised that your poster will only be displayed on the screens for which it is formatted.

Layout Requirements:

  • Size: Portrait – 1080 x 1920px / Landscape – 1920 x 1080px (please note these dimensions are *not* the same as an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper)
  • Minimum font size: 27 pt
  • .jpg or .png format
  • 72 ppi
  • Color mode: RGB

Design Templates

If you are interested in using a template for your poster that is already set up within the standards, download the RSO Digital Signage Templates.

Using Canva

If you are creating your poster using Canva, please review the guidelines below to set up your project so that it meets our standards.

Creating your design from scratch

  • In the top right corner, select “Create a design.”
  • Select “Customize size” at the bottom of the list.
  • For portrait designs, enter 1080x1920px.
  • For landscape designs, enter 1920x1080px.
  • Select “Create new design.”
  • Once you complete your design, select “Download” in the top right corner.
  • Click the dropdown under “File type,” and select “JPG.” (PNG is NOT recommended if you use Canva.)
  • Download your design.

Using a Canva template

  • For correct sizing, use the template categories “Instagram Story” or “Phone Wallpaper” for portrait designs
  • For correct sizing, use the template category “Presentation” for landscape designs
  • Once you complete your design, select “Download” in the top right corner.
  • Click the dropdown under “File type,” and select “JPG.” (PNG is NOT recommended if you use Canva.)
  • Download your design.

If you have any questions, email Shannon Andre for assistance with formatting.