Housing Options

Syracuse University Gender-Inclusive Housing Information

Syracuse University offers a living environment that recognizes the identities of students outside the gender binary. When applying for housing, students can select to live in gender inclusive housing. Gender inclusive housing gives students from all gender identities and expressions the opportunity to choose to live together in a shared suite, apartment, and/or bedroom.

Students who elect to live in gender inclusive housing will live with other students who have selected gender inclusive housing, regardless of their legal sex*. Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services will fill that space with a student who has opted into gender inclusive housing.

All students are eligible to select/preference gender-inclusive housing within their housing application. Only students who select gender-inclusive housing will be assigned into those spaces. Students with gender-inclusive housing may only change rooms within gender-inclusive spaces.

The gender inclusive housing option is not limited to a particular residence hall and will be available in a variety of room types and buildings across campus. All upper-level housing options are suite or apartment-style and have single-use bathrooms (one toilet and one shower).  First-year students can select Gender Inclusive Housing and also live in a Learning Community. While most of our first-year housing is in traditional-style halls with male-labeled and female-labeled community bathrooms, there are some suite-style options with single-use bathrooms. Additionally, there are single pod restrooms that can be used by any gender.

During room selection, students who choose gender inclusive housing on their application will participate in a grouping process to choose preferred roommates. As with any roommate match, all matches must be mutual. Students that want to live together in gender inclusive housing will all need to indicate that on their application. All roommate/suitemate/apartment-mate matches must be mutual.

*Legal sex designation refers to what is on your current government-issued ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, or indicated in a court order or proof from the Social Security Administration. You cannot update sex designation via self-service on MySlice. Please contact the Office of the Registrar after completing the Change of Student Information Form if you need to update this sex designation record.


LGBTQ+ Learning Community

  • Connect with faculty and staff across campus and in the LGBT academic minor, while creating a supportive LGBT network on campus.
  • Engage with the LGBT community by attending events such as the Pride Union Drag Show, identity-based discussion groups (trans group and QTPOC group), and LGBTQ+ History Month events.
  • Live with LGBTQ+ and Ally students creating friendships to last a lifetime.
  • Participate in social events like LLC dinners, the Rocky Horror Picture show, and the musical Rent.
  • Live in DellPlain Hall on the 4th floor, in close proximity to the LGBTQ Resource Center.
  • Eligibility Requirements
    • Open to all undergraduate SU students interested in examining contemporary LGBT issues and creating an inclusive collegiate experience.
    • Register for QSX 111: Queer Histories, Communities, and Politics (3 credits). If course is already completed, students are encouraged to enroll in a course that is related to their own personal interests connected to contemporary LGBTQ+ issues.
    • Required participation in a minimum of three LLC events/activities.  Failure to participate may affect your ability to enroll in future LLCs.