Upperclass Student Living Learning Community Application Process

This two-part application process is for current students who will be a sophomore, junior, or senior student in the Fall 2022 semester.  The first part is completing and submitting the Housing contract by Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 5PM and the second part is selecting your roommate(s), room and hall during the LLC Round of Room Selection on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.   See below for complete step-by-step directions.  No prior living learning community (LLC) experience is necessary.

In order to participate in Room Selection, you must be a current enrolled undergraduate SU student.  If you have any questions about this, please contact the Housing Office at 315-443-2721 or email housing@syr.edu.  Check out the Housing Office website for more information about Room Selection for Current students.

LLCs are limited to certain halls & floors.  Check out the Room list of which rooms are available for you to sign up for during the LLC Round

By selecting a room within the LLC round, you are agreeing to participate fully in the LLC, which includes registering for any LLC classes and attending any events.  If you fail to participate or if your behavior is detrimental to the purpose of the LLC as outlined in the LLC description, you may be removed from the LLC.

Below are the living learning community options available for upperclass students as well as step-by-step directions of the sign-up process.

LLC Options

Sophomore Only Options:

  • Honors Sophomore Experience LLC
  • MORE in Architecture LLC
  • Whitman Leadership LLC
  • Substance Free Housing

Sophomore, Junior, Senior Options:

  • Indigenous LLC
  • International LLC
  • Upperclass Multicultural LLC

LLC Sign-Up Process

Step One:

By Thursday, 3/17 at 5pm – Complete the Housing Contract which includes the LLC Acknowledgement statement and submit.  The contract can be found at: MySlice>Student Resources>Housing, Meal Plans>Applications & Forms.

  • Indicate “Yes” that you wish to participate in the Living Learning Community selection process.
  • On the drop-down menu, indicate which Upperclass LLC you are interested in.

Step Two: On Tuesday, 3/22/22 – Select and Confirm your roommates.  You need to set up your roommate groups prior to picking your LLC room.  See the Housing website: Room Selection – Roommates heading. If you do not have a roommate, you can use MyCollegeRoomie to search and find potential roommates.

Step Three: On Tuesday, 3/22/22 – You will receive notification when assignment times are posted in MySlice on the Housing Self-Service page. This tells you when you should select your room during the LLC round.

Step Four: On Wednesday, 3/23/22 – In the LLC Round at your assigned time, select your LLC room and residence hall.  If you have successfully chosen a room, then you should see it and will receive a confirmation email.  See the Housing website: Room Selection – Select Room heading.

Step Five: On Thursday, 3/31/22 – You will receive a welcome email from the LLC Office congratulating you on choosing an LLC for Fall 22.

Finding a Roommate 

If you do not already have a roommate and are looking for one, you can use MyCollegeRoomie (MCR) to help you find a roommate.  Once you have completed your Housing Contract, you will receive an email invitation to join MCR, which is a user-friendly website that allows you to connect with other current students who are participating in room selection and possibly select a roommate.  Make sure to include your LLC interests in your MCR profile – this will allow you to search for and find possible roommates with your same LLC interests.