Incoming Student Application

Incoming Students’ Living Learning Community Application Process

If you are interested in participating in a living learning community (LLC), you should indicate your preferences through the online Housing application, which can be accessed through the link sent to your Syracuse University e-mail. LLC Applications must be submitted within the Housing Application by June 1, 2024. 

Step-by-Step Process

To gain access the Housing Portal and the online Housing application, you will need to make your advanced housing payment and activate your NetID. Information about this process is available on the Housing website.  Once completed, follow the six steps below:

    • Step One: Click on the Housing Portal link, sent to your Syracuse University email.
    • Step Two: Click “Login” at the top, right side of the Housing Portal.
    • Step Three: Click “Housing Application” at the top, left side of the Housing Portal.
    • Step Four: Start completing your housing application.  Approximately two-thirds of your way through the application, you will get to the LLC preferences section. You can rank order up to 3 LLC choices.
    • Step Five: Indicate your LLC preferences. You can rank a maximum of three LLCs.
      • Click “Add” to add your first LLC choice, select the LLC name from the drop down, and then click “OK” to save your choice.
      • Repeat to add your second and third LLC choices. Once you have successfully added all your LLC choices, click “Save & Continue.”
    • Step Six: Finish the rest of the Housing application and submit.


That’s it!  All students who applied for a living learning community will receive official notification of LLC placement status in mid-July through their email.

If you are having problems signing up, visit the First Year Students section on the Housing Office website.  

Finding & Selecting a Roommate

You have two options for determining who you will live with at Syracuse University:

Option 1: Allow Syracuse University’s Housing Office assign your roommate

  • Directions: complete your Housing application and rank your LLC choices.  We will do the rest and assign you a roommate who is also in the same LLC as you.

Option 2: Find and select someone of your choosing.

  • Directions: the Housing Office utilizes a roommate compatibility feature within your Housing Self-Service to assist first-year students in their search for a compatible roommate. Through this, you will be able to find other incoming first-year students who share your LLC interests. Please make sure you and your selected roommate rank your three living learning community choices the same. 

Additional Information

If you have been invited to participate in the Renée Crown University Honors Program, you are encouraged to enroll in a living learning community. Honors students who do not select one of the other living learning communities will be housed in proximity to other honors students in clusters collectively known as the Honors Living Learning Community.  Honors students living in the Honors Living Learning Community can have a roommate who is not an Honors student.

Because many of our living learning communities include one or more academic courses, you may want to consult an academic advisor in your home college to discuss how the academic component fits with your particular curriculum and the effect of transfer or advanced placement credits prior to making a selection. Your college will be evaluating your transfer and AP credits. These credits may affect your eligibility to enroll in certain learning communities.