Student Outreach and Retention (SOaR) Department Change

Use the links below to learn more about and reach the teams in Student Outreach and Support and Retention and Student Success, formerly known as Student Outreach and Retention (SOaR).

Student Outreach and Support

Student Outreach and Support assists students, faculty, staff, parents and supporters in identifying and removing barriers to help students meet their goals. Connect with this team if you or a student you know is facing a personal difficulty or challenge, and has questions, concerns or is unsure where to start in navigating this challenge. Student Outreach case managers can offer referrals, outline resources and provide ongoing support.

Student Outreach and Support Website

Retention and Student Success

Retention and Student Success supports students, faculty, staff, parents and supporters by providing solution-focused and comprehensive support services that identify and eliminate barriers. Connect with this team for more information on academic support, graduation initiatives, Orange Success, SummerStart and more.

Retention and Student Success Website