Living off campus offers the opportunity to belong to an even larger community than you might experience through residence hall life.  When you move off campus, you automatically acquire responsibility to be a good neighbor.  Keep in mind that you live in a diverse neighborhood of professionals, families with children, and elderly people.  Get to know your neighbors!

Whether you live in the University neighborhood or commute from a nearby location, Student Living can provide assistance in making the most of your off-campus residential experience. We provide services to support your independence and help you engage in the greater Syracuse community, as well as on campus. Student Living can support your experience through hosting and promotion of events and involvement opportunities, winter weather preparation, landlord and tenant relations, safety, budget planning, apartment searches, and more.

Our office location and contact information is below:

Goldstein Student Center, Suite 206
401 Skytop Rd.
Syracuse NY 13210

Phone: 315.443.3893