Welcome Week is Syracuse University’s required orientation program for students new to campus in the fall semester.  

Welcome Week Dates: Aug. 22-25, 2024

Move-In Dates:

Welcome Week Schedule

Please note that this includes every event during Welcome Week, including some that do not apply to some students. 

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Welcome Week | Families Schedule

Parents, families and supporters are invited to attend the sessions included in the link below. Please note that this includes all events where parents, families and supporters are invited, including some that may not apply to all parents, families and supporters.

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Welcome Week | School and College Schedules

In addition to the University-wide events, students have required and optional events to attend hosted by their home school or college. Included in each schedule below are Welcome Week Signature Events, family and supporter events specific to that school or college and required events for students in each school or college. If you are a student who is dually enrolled, you should follow the schedule for your home school or college. If you have a dual advising meeting, it will be reflected in that schedule. To view the other optional events during Welcome Week, view the “complete Welcome Week Schedule” above.

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Welcome Week | International Undergraduate Orientation Schedule

International undergraduate students are required to attend the international student orientation, Aug. 17-21, 2024. After international student orientation, undergraduates should plan to attend all required Welcome Week programming, Aug. 22-25, 2024.

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Campus Hours of Operation

Campus offices will be open during Welcome Week to accommodate the needs of new and returning students.

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