Meet the Orientation Leaders

Our friendly and knowledgeable Orientation Leaders are excited to meet you and ready to help answer questions. Incoming students, parents, families and supporters are invited to interact with our Orientation Leaders during events and more.


PhotoNamePronounsRoleClass YearInvolvement on Campus
Summer Adamsshe/herOrientation Leader2025OttoTHON, Greek Life (social), Z89 Radio, Club Gymnastics, Syracuse University Outing Club
student headshotJordan Avinoamhe/himStudent Coordinator2025Syrvivor Syracuse, Greek Life (professional), Cycling Instructor at the Barnes Center at The Arch
student headshotJanette Bermeoshe/herOrientation Leader2026'Cuse First (2022)
student headshotLiam Biscarihe/himOrientation Leader2025Pre-Law Society, Boxing Club, Special Olympics
student headshotKendall Blincoeshe/herReturning Orientation Leader2024Main Squeeze A Cappella, Honors Program, Goodman Leaders Academy (Whitman School of Management), Greek Life (professional)
student headshotEmily Boscoshe/herOrientation Leader2026Live From Studio B, Unpeeled, College Eats
student headshotGrace Brashearsshe/herReturning Orientation Leader2025OttoTHON, Greek Life (social), Falk College Student Ambassador, Upstate Medical Hospital
student headshotDavid Cabrerahe/himOrientation Leader2025Orange After Dark, Club Soccer
student headshotRaven Campbellshe/herStudent Coordinator2024Kalabash Dance Troupe, Stop BIAS Peer Educator, BIPOC Summer Connections Leader
student headshotShan Carterhe/himOrientation Leader2025Society of Physics Students, South Asian Student Association
student headshotGrady Chanhe/himOrientation Leader2026Student Association, Syracuse University Social Media Ambassador, Barnes Center at The Arch (fitness)
student headshotJade Cortshe/herOrientation Leader2024First-Year Seminar Peer Leader, Economics Student Association, National Black Law Student Association, The Brain Exercise Initiative, The Investment Club, Enactus
student headshotIh'san Ellisshe/herOrientation Leader2025Black Reign Step Team, National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)
student headshotKim Escobarshe/herOrientation Leader2026STEM Living Learning Community
student headshotGreta Freedshe/herOrientation Leader2026Live From Studio B, Club Gymnastics, Newhouse Ambassador, Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), EDGE, OttoTHON, CitrusTV
student headshotAshlyn Garciashe/herOrientation Leader2026Kessler Scholars Program, Invest in Success Scholar, Women's Club Rugby, Pride Union, School of Education
student headshotJustin Gomezhe/himOrientation Leader2026Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, First-Year Seminar (FYS) Peer Leader
student headshotNandita Guptashe/herOrientation Leader2026Global Medical Brigades, South Asian Student Association (SASA), OttoTHON, Syracuse University Outing Club, Barnes Center at The Arch
student headshotMaxima Herbertshe/herOrientation Leader2026Women's Club Rugby, National Society of Black Engineers (NBSE), Black Pre-Med Society, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Biomedical Society
student headshotBen Johnsonhe/himOrientation Leader2026Syracuse University Ambulance (SUA), Student Association for Public Health Education (SAPHE)
student headshotKatherine Keaneshe/herReturning Orientation Leader2025OrangeSeeds, Greek Life (social), OttoTHON
student headshotMaeve Kingshe/herOrientation Leader2026OttoTHON, Undergraduate Organization of Geosciences (UGOGeo)
student headshotMike Luptonhe/himReturning Orientation Leader2025National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Black Student Union (BSU), Engineering Ambassadors, Club Lacrosse, U100, WellsLink Leadership Program, Engineering Excelerators
student headshotAmaan Mahdihe/himOrientation Leader2026Oy Cappella, Muslim Students' Association, South Asian Student Association (SASA), CitrusTV, WAER Sports Radio, Z89 Radio
student headshotJackson Martinhe/himOrientation Leader2026Club Swim, Syracuse University Model United Nations Club
student headshotGrant Maxheimerhe/himReturning Orientation Leader2024Remembrance Scholar, Pre-Law Society, Slice Consulting
student headshotWinnie Naggarshe/herReturning Orientation Leader2024Greek Life (social), The Mandarins A Cappella
student headshotAbbie Nassshe/herOrientation Leader2026Greek Life (social)
student headshotSophie Neubergershe/herOrientation Leader2025Ski Racing Club, Greek Life (social)
student headshotGrace Newellshe/herOrientation Leader2024Marching Band, Pep Band, Greek Life (social), Young Democratic Socialists of America (DYSA), Undergraduate Labor Organization, First-Year Seminar (FYS) Peer Leader
student headshotPaula Noriega Madrazoshe/herOrientation Leader2026OrangeSeeds, Marketing Club
student headshotKerrin O'Gradyshe/herOrientation Leader2025First Year Players (FYP), Best Buddies, Catholic Student Association, Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Engineering Ambassadors, Engineering Excelerators
student headshotKait Paigeshe/herOrientation Leader2025University Union (UU), Club Volleyball, Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity, The Daily Orange
student headshotSydney Pearsonshe/herReturning Orientation Leader2024Groovestand A Cappella, First Year Players (FYP), Perspectives Scholar
student headshotIsabel Perlinshe/herOrientation Leader2025Orange Pulse Dance Troupe, Syracuse University Model United Nations Club
student headshotJulia Provvisionatoshe/herReturning Orientation Leader2025TNH Advertising Agency, U100, Perception Magazine, Newhouse Ambassador, Weiss Center Ambassador, Perspectives Scholar
student headshotOlivia Reidshe/herOrientation Leader2025U100, Pre-Law Society, Slice Consulting, Honors Advisory Board
student headshotMelanie Salasshe/herStudent Coordinator2024Student Association (SA), Catholic Student Association, Club Curling, Pre-Vet Club, U100, La Familia, Orange After Dark, Mexican Student Association, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
student headshotSarah Schreibershe/herOrientation Leader2026Orange Pulse Dance Troupe, Syracuse University Service Dogs, The Women's Network, Global Ambassador, The Launchpad Global Fellow, Honors, Language Tables, La Naranja
student headshotEmily Schroedershe/herOrientation Leader2026Student Engagement, Honors Program
student headshotBlair Seamanshe/herStudent Coordinator2024CitrusTV, Unpeeled, College Eats, Alumni Alley, Greek Life (professional)
student headshotMary Shalabyshe/herReturning Orientation Leader2024Zamboni Revolution Improv Comedy, Greek Life (social)
student headshotJustine Smithshe/herReturning Orientation Leader2025Greek Life (social), OttoTHON, Women's Club Soccer
student headshotMiani Staffordshe/herOrientation Leader2025National Law Students Association, Black Student Union, National Black Journalism Association
student headshotCailyn Thomasshe/herOrientation Leader2026OttoTHON, Greek Life (social), CARE Lab
student headshotSydney Trappshe/herOrientation Leader2026U100, Best Buddies
student headshotSam Tsangshe/herOrientation Leader2025Nutrition Education Promotion Association, Greek Life (professional), Falk College Career Services
student headshotRobert Valliciergohe/himOrientation Leader2026Boxing Club, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
student headshotMoira Vaughanshe/herOrientation Leader2026CitrusTV
student headshotRyann Washingtonshe/herOrientation Leader2025Black Student Union, Black Pre-Med Society, Syracuse University Ambulance, Club Field Hockey