Summer Orientation Pilot

New Student Programs and the Orange community are excited to welcome a group of students to campus for a Summer Orientation Pilot program! Please note, 300 invitations will be sent for this pilot. Read the press release about the Summer Orientation Pilot for more information. Students that have been invited to participate in the pilot will receive an invitation email sent to their Syracuse University email ( with a unique registration link. This link may not be shared and will only work for the student that receives the email.

Registration Due: July 1, 2024

Complete: Invited students received an email on May 16 or sooner with the registration link.

Virtual Q&A Session

This Virtual Q&A Session was held on Monday, May 13, 2024. Access the recording today!


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Travel and Parking

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Summer Orientation Pilot FAQ

We have identified students from five states and from certain schools and colleges to allow us to test a summer orientation experience for students entering in fall 2025. The pilot will provide those students, parents, families and supporters opportunities to explore campus resources, meet with academic advisors, make meaningful connections with other new students and become more familiar with campus as an incoming student.

Incoming students invited to participate will not have an advantage toward course enrollment, housing or other requirements. Feedback will be sought from attendees and campus partners, used to then evaluate the pilot for possible future expansion and roll-out for the summer of 2025.

Invited students, parents, family members and supporters will not have to pay to attend. Travel accommodations should be arranged by the student and/or their guests. Parking will be available for free during the program.

  • For students: materials, meals and overnight accommodations are covered by the University.
  • For parents, family members and supporters: materials and meals are covered by the University. Overnight accommodations should be arranged as needed and are not covered by the University.

While we are still finalizing the schedule, students will have required sessions to attend as well as a menu of sessions for students to choose from based on interest, identity and similar. Highlights of the schedule include the following.

Day 1

  • Overnight stay in a residence hall.
  • A welcome from University Leadership.
  • Small Group meetings led by Orientation Leaders.
  • "Exploring Campus: Part 1" where students can choose from sessions covering how to be involved, campus resources, Hendricks Chapel and more. Other opportunities will include experiences like high ropes course, team building and a low-stimulation area.
  • "What does it mean to be Orange?" panel.
  • Late night movie on the Quad.

Day 2

  • "Exploring Campus: Part 2" where students can choose from sessions covering Thriving at Syracuse, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, open houses, Syracuse Abroad, housing tours, campus tours, Dome tours and more.
  • "What does it mean to live in community?" presented by Student Living.
  • School and College Welcome and Academic Advising.

Students will receive their SU I.D. Card and other materials as well. Please note that students receiving their I.D. Card at the pilot will not receive one during move-in in August.

A group of 300 incoming students, accompanied by their families and adult supporters, will be invited to participate in phase one of the pilot. Incoming students invited to participate will not have an advantage toward course enrollment, housing or other requirements. Feedback will be sought from attendees and campus partners, used to then evaluate the pilot for possible future expansion and roll-out for the summer of 2025.

Students that have majors in the School of Architecture,  College of Arts and Sciences | Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, School of Education and David B. Falk College of Sport* are invited to the pilot.

The pilot has a cap of 300 students. Each school/college has their own cap as well. For example, if the School of Education reaches their capacity but the School of Architecture has not, registration will appear closed for School of Education students once the capacity is reached, but will remain open for School of Architecture students. Invited students that are unable to register may be placed on a wait list by calling New Student Programs at 315.443.9187.

*only select Falk majors will be included in the pilot.

Students will be able to check in to the residence hall on Monday, July 15, 2024 from 7-9:30 a.m. The first session for the program will begin at 9:30 a.m. in Goldstein Auditorium at Schine Student Center.

Students will be able to check out of the residence hall on Tuesday, July 16, 2024 from 7-9:30 a.m. The first session for Day 2 of the program will begin at 9:30 a.m.

Students and families should plan on leaving campus no later than 4 p.m. on July 16. Please arrange travel plans accordingly.

Students participating in the pilot will be paired with a roommate for the night in a residence hall. Students will not be in their fall assignment and it is unlikely that their fall roommate will be participating in the pilot. This experience will introduce students to living in a residence hall, what it is like to have a roommate and more.

The room accommodation, pillow, blanket, sheet set and a towel are provided for each student. All meals are provided throughout the program.

Parents, families and supporters are invited to explore local hotels for their overnight stay in Syracuse, NY.

The pilot in 2024 is not a replacement for Welcome Week attendance from Aug. 22-25, 2024. All students are required to attend Welcome Week events.

Students will not receive advantages from attending the pilot program.

For capacity purposes, only students that have received an invitation from New Student Programs will be able to participate in the pilot program.

Yes, they are encouraged to participate! Parents, family members and adult supporters will have a full schedule that takes place concurrently with the student schedule. If younger siblings attend, they will accompany the student's adult guests.

Both student and family programs will start and end at the same time.

Due to capacity for the Summer Orientation Pilot, we must stay within our 300-student limit and only students invited to attend may participate in the pilot. We will not facilitate on-site registrations for the pilot.

We want to assure all students that whether they attend the pilot or not, their requirements and service over the summer will continue as planned inclusive of resource-sharing and course enrollment. If students are looking for an opportunity to come to campus early, meet new people and learn more about campus, we invite you to explore the following options.