New Student Programs is here to help answer any questions students, families or supporters may have. Explore the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) below and don’t hesitate to contact the team to learn more.



Here you will find helpful information surrounding Required Tasks, Orientation, New Student Checklists, Moving In, Academics and more.

Becoming Orange e-Newsletter

It is essential for students to read each Becoming Orange e-Newsletter, sent to their Syracuse University email address (i.e. @syr.edu), to prevent missing important deadlines and information. Throughout the first academic year, students will receive weekly emails encouraging involvement and offering inspiration on how to be active on campus.

Social Media

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help answer any question. Contact the New Student Programs team today!

Yes, there will be friendly faces to help students with their transition to Syracuse University. Volunteers will welcome students to campus and the Orange Community, as well as host programs throughout Syracuse Welcome. Please note, students will move in their own belongings.

Our Orientation Leader Team is made up of upper-division returning student leaders from all schools and colleges, and are involved throughout campus. They are highly trained to know Syracuse University and orientation, so please feel free to ask questions!

From academic support, to professional development, to health and wellness, Syracuse University offers a multitude of digital resources to support success.

Getting Started

As part of a student’s required tasks, please visit the Required Tasks webpage to learn more and for additional directions.

It is encouraged to complete required tasks as soon as possible. Failure to complete requirements may result in losing the ability to register for classes, additional charges and/or a Conduct Hold on your student account.

Explore the Required Tasks webpage for a complete list and for additional instructions.

As required tasks, new students begin the Community Wellness Requirements series before arriving to campus in addition to participating in activities a few weeks into their first semester. Then as returning students, students will complete Continuing Community Wellness Requirements annually until graduation.

Failure to complete these requirements by the deadline may result in a Registration Hold, losing the ability to complete class registration until complete.

New Student Programs supports this student population by planning events and workshops for transfer students to build community on campus,  learn about valuable campus resources and organizations. New Student Programs staff will also send a monthly transfer student e-newsletter. For more information, visit the Transfer Students webpage. 


Visit the Orientation webpage for the latest information.

Occurring one to three days prior to Syracuse Welcome, new students are encouraged to participate in a Pre-Welcome Program. Pre-Welcome Programs offer students the opportunity to meet and connect in small groups based on identity and interest. Pre-Welcome Programs are a great way to start your Syracuse University journey and prepare for your first year on campus.

Please note, space is limited, costs may apply and there are no Winter Welcome Pre-Welcome Programs.

Explore complete event lists for Welcome Week as well as events planned by schools and colleges by visiting the Welcome Week webpage.

Moving In

Year-to-year data supports the move-in schedule using the following criteria. Pre-assigning move-in dates allows for students, families and supporters from far distances a date to confirm flights and hotels at the cheapest rates possible.

  • Traffic capacity in downtown Syracuse, NY.
  • Holding lines on campus.
  • Elevator capacities in the residence halls.
  • Travel distance for students in NY, NJ and PA.
  • Understanding the cost of overnight accommodations for families across the country.


The majority of students from New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania will be assigned Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2024 (Morning, Mid-day or Afternoon). Some students from New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania will be assigned a move-in date of Monday, Aug. 19, 2024 (Afternoon). We cannot guarantee one date over the other until the assigned move-in dates/times are shared with all new students. New Student Programs will be able to facilitate next steps if the date you are given does not work for you.

We would recommend making overnight travel arrangements for Aug. 19, 2024 if you can only stay one night. This would allow your travel into Syracuse the morning of Aug. 19 and move-in that afternoon should the student's move-in assignment reflect that date/time. It would also allow for staying overnight on Aug. 19 and being in Syracuse on Aug. 20 should the student's move-in assignment reflect that date/time.

We encourage parents, family members or supporters to stay or travel back to campus for New Student Convocation on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2024, 10 a.m. in the Dome.

Domestic students that are not from New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania (e.g. any other state or U.S. territory) should plan to move-in on Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2024. We cannot guarantee a specific time, so we encourage students to make travel plans that will support a Morning, Mid-day or Afternoon move-in time block. Each time block will give specific window of time during which a student may enter their holding line for their residence hall and begin the move-in process.

We encourage parents, family members or supporters to stay for New Student Convocation on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2024, 10 a.m. in the Dome.

If there are extenuating circumstances that require a different move-in date, there will be a process to request a different move-in date following that release. Please note that we cannot guarantee a change of date due to residence hall capacities (e.g. holding lines, traffic patterns, elevators, etc.). New Student Programs can share options and next steps once the move-in date/time assignments are shared in July.

Explore hotel accommodations, local restaurants and more by visiting the Travel and Parking webpage.

  • All new students are randomly assigned to any number of residence halls.
  • Students who elect to live in a Living Learning Community or who mutually select a roommate will likely have those requests honored.
  • Please note, students cannot select a residence hall or a specific room type.
  • Following roommate assignments, students may not change until after classes begin. Students are encouraged to speak with their Resident Director (RD) after classes begin to explore those options should they be available.
  • Learn more on the Moving In webpage.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide a distinct, personalized housing experience based on academic interests, passions and studies. LLC residents have exclusive access to peers with common interests, faculty, staff, student leaders, social activities and outings.

Incoming students may express interest in living in an LLC during the Apply for Housing Required Task.

  • Required for first-year students, we encourage students to explore the available meal plan options. Please visit the Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services website for more information about packages and to get an idea of what could be offered.
  • Please note, meal plans are subject to change annually.
  • Pending deadlines, students may also decide to change meal plans during the semester.

Residential students who fail to meet these requirement deadlines will not be able to receive an Arrival Pass and will not be permitted to move into their residence hall assignment. Complete details and instructions are available on the Required Tasks webpage.

Yes! Upon arrival during designated times, new students, families and supporters will be greeted by student, faculty and staff volunteers. Orientation Leaders and members of the returning student volunteer team, affectionately called the Goon Squad, will be ready to help with wayfinding, unloading vehicles and more.  Please note that this is only available for move-in taking place Aug. 19-21, 2024 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. each day.