Living In An LLC

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Helping each other with homework and studying together for exams in the learning community is always productive as we strive to become great scientists and engineers. – Asiah Bailey, College of Engineering and Computer Science

It is way more helpful than I thought it was going to be when I signed up.  The guys in the LLC are cool and it helps to have people who are in the same classes to run ideas by. I can’t stress enough how much it helps to have people to remind you of homework that’s due and to get help on work that you are struggling with. Join it, its sick! – Cesar Batlle   

The best part about living in the LLC was that I made my closest friends there and fully felt like a part of the Design community. It was also really great having extra time with teachers, having access to studio space in my dorm, and always having people to work on projects with. – Jennifer Gordon

The LLC has given me the opportunity to live and bond with other students in my classes, and we are able to help each other out. I love the sense of community.” – Martine Schultheiss

As a first-generation student of color, my biggest concern was finding a community where I felt safe to be myself and where I was going to be able to express myself and my own opinions. The Multicultural Living Learning Community gave me that opportunity. – Mia Gutarra

The Living Learning Community provided me with an immediate network of friends who shared similar interests as me. We had great bonding experiences where we would spend all day in the lounge before an exam pushing each other to master the material, and we always did.” – Erin Holmgren

It makes it so much easier to adapt to the college academic ideas. Being surrounded by people taking the same classes means that everyone is writing the same paper at the same time, so if I get stuck, I can get help from my friends. –Stuart Berman

 Knowing that there are other people on campus that have similar ambitions to me and similar academic values has definitely made me feel more like I belong at Syracuse. – Mary Skuthan