LLC Orientation

Please Note: LLC Orientation is exclusive to students placed into an LLC and does not apply to students living in Theme Housing.

As part of Welcome Week, Living Learning Communities (LLCs) hosts special programming for all LLC first-year students!  Participation in LLC Orientation is strongly encouraged but is not required.

2024 LLC Orientation will take place in the afternoon on Wednesday, August 21. More information and schedule details will be published during the summer months on this page.

Participation in a Pre-Welcome Program will not conflict with LLC Orientation (with the exception off-campus programs such as LOOP: Adirondack Adventure). We encourage students to sign up for & participate in the Pre-Welcome program that suits and interests them the most!

LLC Residents move-in as part of the overall New Student Move In  taking place August 19 -21. Information about New Student Move In is available through New Student Programs. If you are participating in a Pre-Welcome program or other program that requires Early Arrival, please follow those directions and join us at LLC Orientation on August 21!

Updates to this webpage will continue to be made throughout the spring and summer months with more information for Fall 2024 LLC Orientation. Questions about LLC Orientation should be directed to  Giuliana Painter-Rings,  Living Learning Communities coordinator or call 315.443.2560.


There is not a separate or early move-in process for Living Learning Community residents. LLC residents who do not participate in a program that qualifies them for Early Arrival will move in between August 19 and the morning of August 21.

All information about move-in can be found on New Student Program's webpage.

We encourage students in LLCs to participate in Pre-Welcome Programs! If you are participating in a Pre-Welcome Program (FreshFest, BIPOC Connections, etc.), please follow the instructions you received from that program regarding move-in. Most Pre-Welcome programs will conclude before LLC Orientation.

If you are participating in a Pre-Welcome program and anticipate that you will be late to or can not attend LLC Orientation activities, that is okay! Your RA will catch up with you and fill you in.

If you have questions about your Pre-Welcome program or scheduling your date for move-in, please reference the New Student Programs website or contact their office.

If you have any other commitments that conflict with LLC Orientation (i.e. Marching Band), that is okay! Please honor your prior commitments, and attend LLC Orientation if your schedule allows.  If you are unable to attend, your RA will catch up with you after the event.