Theme Housing Options

Are you worried about making friends when you get to college? Are you interested in living around and engaging with other students who share similar interests? Look no further than Syracuse University’s Theme Housing Options!

Theme Housing at SU consists of groups of students who share a particular identity, interest, or passion area. Students live together and engage with intentionally designed community initiatives that take place in the residence halls. There is no academic component associated with Theme Housing. However, student leaders and Student Living professional staff will be in-community to help develop and support students as they navigate becoming a part of the Syracuse campus community.

As a result of participating in Theme Housing at Syracuse University, students will:

  • Establish meaningful connections to their communities
  • Manage interpersonal relationships through effective communication
  • Utilize campus resources to enhance personal and professional success
  • Engage in cross-cultural opportunities that explore similarities and differences of identity, beliefs, and opinions

Learn More About Each Theme Housing Option

Arts Theme Housing supports the philosophy that the arts are an essential part of a college education. Join this themed housing community, and you will live together with students from a variety of majors and be engaged in the vibrant arts community here at Syracuse University. Attend events such as the campus fashion show, gallery shows and museum exhibits, and other forms of artistic expression and cultural opportunities.

  • Open to all first-year undergraduate SU students.
  • Live in Boland Hall on the 4th and 5th floors, connected to an on-campus dining center.

Make personal wellness a priority!  When most students think of wellness, they think about exercising and eating a balanced diet, but wellness is more than that.  Wellness Theme Housing provides students the opportunity to engage with the eight dimensions of wellness to improve their quality of life. The eight dimensions of wellness are: Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Occupational, Intellectual, Physical, Financial. As members of Wellness Theme Housing, you will engage in fun activities and connect with the broad range of health and wellness initiatives at Syracuse University.

  • Open to all first-year undergraduate SU students.
  • Live in Brewster Hall on the 2nd floor, with study/social lounges that help create an academic inclusive environment

Substance Free theme housing is for those students looking to live in a community free from alcohol and illegal drugs. This is a lively and active community where residents are encouraged by their community members to participate in social events together.  All students living in the Substance Free theme housing community are committed to a substance-free residential experience and agree to the commitments outlined below.  Open to all first-year and second-year undergraduate SU students.

  • Open to all first-year and second-year undergraduate SU students.
  • Live in Haven hall on the 5th floor with floor lounges and large Haven study lounge.

Residents of the Substance Free Theme Housing are committed to the following:

  • Commitment to not bring alcohol or illegal drugs into the residence halls.
  • Commitment to not consume alcohol or use illegal drugs in the residence halls.
  • Commitment to not return to the residence hall after consuming alcohol or using illegal drugs.
  • Commitment to not bring intoxicated guests into the residence halls.