Guardian(s) Role FAQ

Guardian(s) Role Frequently Asked Questions

Parents and families play an instrumental role both in supporting a student's decision whether to join a fraternity or sorority and/or throughout recruitment and membership.

Encourage your son or daughter to attend as many campus events as possible during the fall semester. Being involved is the best way to meet active Greek members and learn about their chapters.

Our goal is for students to join a fraternity or sorority that will enrich their experience at Syracuse University and provide them with long-term membership benefits. Here are some questions you can ask to help your student to make more informed, values-based decisions about joining a fraternity and sorority community.

• Ask your student about his or her interest in a fraternity or sorority.

•What are you hoping to gain from membership in this organization?

•How does the fraternity or sorority support your own values and beliefs?

•How will the organization help you pursue your own educational goals?

•What is the financial obligation? Who will pay for what and where the limits are.

•What time commitment will membership require, and will it fit into your schedule?

•In what ways does the organization support campus involvement and community service?

•What leadership opportunities will the organization provide, both locally and nationally?

•Is the organization in good standing with the University? With other fraternities and sororities?

•How will becoming a member make your SU experience more enjoyable?

Take the time to find out more about the Greek community at Syracuse University. Ask questions about what the organizations will offer your student and allow them to make the best decision for themselves.

Once your student joins, continue to be observant and ask questions.  Here are a few suggestions to help ease your student’s transition to both the University and their new fraternity or sorority.

  • Be happy and supportive of your student’s choice of fraternity/sorority.
  • Encourage them to attend programs sponsored by their new chapter and the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs.
  • Know the name and contact information for the chapter president, new member educator, and chapter advisor.
  • Ask for details about the financial aspect of membership.  If you are providing financial assistance, you have the right to know.  Many one-time fees are paid during the first semester of membership, so expect the first few months to be the most expensive.
  • Stay in touch with phone calls, emails & text messages.
  • Attend Parent/Family weekend activities as well as other special events sponsored by the chapter.
  • Expect to see numerous new t-shirts, photos, and Greek paraphernalia.
  • Initiation is a big day.  Congratulate your student and acknowledge this important milestone in their fraternity/sorority membership journey.
  • Encourage your student to be a part of the University community and to take advantage of its many resources.

Fraternity and sorority recruitment is an exciting time for many of our students. Students need support throughout the process of recruitment/intake and the new member education. Be supportive and learn as much as you can about Greek life by asking questions of your student as he or she meets members in fraternities and sororities.

If your student does join the fraternity and sorority community, stay involved. Ask regularly, how the fraternity or sorority is doing, read the organization’s magazines and newsletters, and attend events during Family Weekend. Asking questions about their organization and taking an interest in your student’s activities is a great way to help your student. The more you know about the organization, the better you can continue helping your students make informed personal decisions that enrich their time at SU.

Please contact our staff in Fraternity and Sorority Affairs for additional information about our chapters, the recruitment process, or the fraternity and sorority community in general. We look forward to hearing from you!

Keep an open mind…Greek life is not for everyone. Just because you may have been a fraternity or sorority member doesn’t mean that it is the right choice for your son or daughter.  Fraternities and sororities are different on every campus. Groups that may have been strong on the campus where you attended school may not have the same reputation at Syracuse. Let your son or daughter choose the group that he or she feels the most comfortable joining.

Keep Fraternity and Sorority Affairs contact information on hand if you have any questions or concerns about Greek Life on Syracuse’s campus.