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The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is governed by the North-American Interfraternity Conference, which is an association of collegiate men’s fraternities that was formally organized in 1910, although it began on November 27, 1909. The power of the organization rests in a House of Delegates in which each member fraternity is represented by a single delegate.

Syracuse University is home to 13 IFC Fraternities:

  • Delta Chi
  • Delta Kappa Epsilon
  • Delta Upsilon
  • Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Phi Kappa Psi
  • Phi Kappa Theta
  • Psi Upsilon
  • Sigma Alpha Mu
  • Sigma Chi
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon (Returns Spring 2023)
  • Theta Chi
  • Zeta Beta Tau

Learn More About IFC Fraternities:

Delta Chi Fraternity Group Photo


Syracuse Chapter of Delta Chi

National Founding Date: October 13, 1890

Chapter Charter Year: 2001

Organization Values: To promote friendship, advance justice, develop character and assist in the acquisition of a sound education.

Mission: To grow our brotherhood and continue to create bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime with those who truly want it.

Vision: To create a bond that will not only last during your time here at Syracuse but that will stay connected for the rest of your life no matter the situation.

New Member Dues: $300 for the first semester

Active Member Dues: $750 per semester

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Delta Chi National Website
Chapter Instagram

Delta Kappa Epsilon Building Exterior


Phi Gamma Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon

National Founding Date: June 22nd, 1844

Chapter Founding Date: November 17th, 1871

Organization Values:

  • Cultivation of General Literature and Social Culture
  • Advancement and Encouragement of Intellectual Excellence
  • Development of a Spirit of Tolerance and Respect for the Right and Views of Others
  • Union of Stout Hearts and Kindred Interests to Secure to Merit its Due Reward


DKE strives to develop a culture and an expectation of​ undergraduate​ chapters who perform in the top tier of fraternities at their institutions​;​ and a vibrant network of ​alumni who are motivated to stay involved with the fraternity after graduation. We will do this by providing our undergraduates with the leadership​ skills, and the operational resources they need, to excel in today’s Greek environment, and by developing alumni networking programs that are relevant and engaging, and are beneficial to both alumni and undergraduates.


To be a highly respected fraternity, located at premier institutions, focused on excellent chapter performance, populated with men of distinction whose behavior is exemplary in all respects, who go on to become leaders in their chosen fields of endeavor, and who personify the motto created by our Founding Fathers, “Gentlemen, Scholars, and Jolly Good-Fellows.”

New Member Dues: $300 for the first semester

Active Member Dues: $1,000 per semester

Length of New Member Period: 6 weeks

Delta Kappa Epsilon's National Website

Delta Upsilon Students


Syracuse Chapter of Delta Upsilon

National Founding Date: November 4, 1834

Chapter Founding Date: November 14, 1873

Organization Values:

  • The Promotion of Friendship
  • The Development of Character
  • The Diffusion of Liberal Culture
  • The Advancement of Justice

Mission: Building Better Men


Our Vision is that Delta Upsilon is the premier men’s fraternity committed to Building Better Men for a global society through service, leadership development, and lifelong personal growth for our diverse membership.

New Member Dues: TBD

Active Member Dues: TBD

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Delta Upsilon National Website

Lambda Chi Alpha Building Exterior


Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha

National Founding Date: November 2, 1909

Chapter Charter Year: 1918

Organization Values: Lambda Chi Alpha’s Seven Core Values—loyalty, duty, respect, service and stewardship, honor, integrity, and personal courage—provide a moral compass for members of the Fraternity.

Mission: To inspire and equip men to lead an ethical life of growth, service, and leadership.

Vision: To prepare and encourage collegiate men of good charter, high ethics, and noble ideals to contribute positively to the world in which they live. When Lambda Chi Alpha ended its pledging program in 1972, it was the first fraternity to do so.

New Member Dues: TBD

Active Member Dues: TBD

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Lambda Chi Alpha National Website

Phi Kappa Psi Building Exterior


The New York Beta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi

National Founding Date: February 19, 1852

Chapter Charter Date: April 18, 1884

Organization Values: Brotherhood, Service to Community, Academic Excellence, Respect for the Dignity of Others, & Personal Integrity.


The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity engages men of integrity, further develops their intellect, and enhances community involvement. With a legacy built on acceptance and trust, each brother realizes his highest potential through a lifelong experience of service and excellence.

New Member Dues: TBD

Active Member Dues: TBD

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Phi Kappa Psi National Website


NY Tau Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta

National Founding Date: April 29, 1959

Chapter Charter Year: 2000

Organization Principles:  We focus on personal and collective growth in five areas of development; these fundamental principles are our Social, Fraternal, Intellectual, Leadership and Spiritual pillars.


Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity strives to make its members into effective and well-rounded leaders.  We pride ourselves on our close-knit community while maintaining a diversity of interests.  We take it upon ourselves to work hard in bettering the greater Syracuse community, and to foster an environment that promotes individual growth among the young gentlemen of our chapter.


To be the premier human development organization inspiring confidence through life experiences and to actively develop men to be effective leaders who passionately serve our community and each other.

New Member Dues: TBD

Active Member Dues: TBD

Length of New Member Period: 6 weeks

Phi Kappa Theta's National Website
Chapter Instagram
Chapter Facebook

Psi Upsilon Group Photo


Pi Chapter of Psi Upsilon

National Founding Date: November 24, 1833

Chapter Charter Year: 1875

Organization Values: Psi Upsilon values lifelong friendship, moral leadership, intellectual engagement, responsible social conduct, and service to society.

Mission: United in friendship, Psi Upsilon members aspire to moral, intellectual, and social excellence in themselves as they seek to inspire these values in society.

New Member Dues: TBD

Active Member Dues: TBD

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Psi Upsilon National Website

Sigma Phi Epsilon Building Exterior


New York Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon

National Founding Date: November 1, 1901

Chapter Founding Date: December 21, 1905

Organization Values: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love

Mission: Building Balanced Men


SigEp is redefining fraternity on college campuses across the country. We complement a man’s education by delivering a premier student experience in one of the most formative times of his life. Through SigEp, men strengthen their character, build leadership and interpersonal skills, and learn to develop healthy, lifelong relationships that are essential to a successful and fulfilling life.

New Member Dues: TBD

Active Member Dues: TBD

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Sigma Phi Epsilon National Website

Theta Chi Group Photo
Alpha Chi Chapter of Theta Chi

National Founding Date: April 10, 1856

Chapter Founding Date: April 21, 1928

Organization Values:

  • True Friendship; we extend an “Assisting Hand” to one another; we seek to exact harmony and prevent strife among our members
  • The primacy of Alma Mater; we are loyal students and alumni for life
  • The promotion of knowledge and the advancement of culture
  • The virtues of Truth, Temperance, and Tolerance
  • The usefulness of our Fraternity; we seek the mutual benefit and improvement of all our members and strive to serve our country and our fellow man

Mission: Has been dedicated to developing resolute men. The Fraternity's programs are designed specifically to assist college-aged men to become outstanding sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, and models of male behavior in society.

New Member Dues: TBD

Active Member Dues: TBD

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Theta Chi National Website