Professional Fraternity Council

Professional Fraternity Council

The vision for Professional Fraternity Councils is the bringing together of Professional Fraternity Association (PFA) groups to collaborate and educate. More specifically, the purpose of the PFC is to promote and enhance professional fraternities on campus by serving as a cooperative forum for sharing ideas, information, experiences, and concerns, increasing the awareness of professional fraternities on campus; and creating a spirit of fellowship among students. The result is that students are able to further explore their passions and interests alongside those that share these ambitions, creating a spirit of fellowship among students.

PFCs exist to stimulate interaction among its member groups, its respective administration, and on-campus opportunities.

Syracuse University is home to 11 PFC Chapters:

  • Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity
  • Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity
  • Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority
  • Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity
  • Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity
  • Delta Kappa Alpha Fraternity
  • Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity
  • Kappa Theta Pi Fraternity
  • Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity
  • Phi Sigma Pi Fraternity
  • Zeta Phi Eta Fraternity

Learn More About PFC Chapters:

Alpha Chi Sigma

Co-Ed Fraternity


Pi Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma

National Founding Date: December 11, 1902

Chapter Charter Date: May 11, 1912

Organization Values: To Bind, To Strive, To Aid

Mission: To bring together chemistry enthusiasts, as well as those interested in the sciences.

Vision: The fraternity aims to bring together students and professionals pursuing a wide variety of chemistry-related careers.

New Member Dues: TBD

Active Member Dues: TBD

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Alpha Chi Sigma National Website


Gender Inclusive Fraternity
Alpha Omicron Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi

National Founding Date: October 5, 1904

Chapter Charter Date: Re-chartered Spring 2011

Organization Values: Brotherhood Knowledge Integrity Unity Service


In 1904, Alpha Kappa Psi was founded on the principles of educating its members and the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals in business and to further the individual welfare of members during college and beyond. College men and women everywhere are discovering that Alpha Kappa Psi is much more than just another organization or club; it is a unique, prestigious association of students, professors, graduates, and professionals with common interests and goals. They join Alpha Kappa Psi to take advantage of valuable educational, friendship, and networking opportunities.

Vision: Business professionals who seek to improve the communities in which they do business improve lives and develop goodwill. Our members actively give back to their communities through volunteer activities and monetary support.

New Member Dues: $132 for the first semester

Active Member Dues: $130 per semester

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Alpha Kappa Psi National's Website
Chapter Website
Chapter Instagram

Alpha Omega Epsilon Group Photo


Zeta Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon

National Founding Date: November 13, 1983

Chapter Founding Date: April 26, 1997

Organization Values:

The fundamental beliefs of Alpha Omega Epsilon: We value the INDIVIDUALITY of our Chapters and our members as this is what makes our family unique. We value RESPONSIBILITY by making decisions based upon good judgment, following through with those decisions, and being held accountable for those decisions. We value the effect positive LEADERSHIP has on our Sorority and provide opportunities for leadership to develop and flourish. We value the PROFESSIONALISM of our members as we treat each other with the dignity and respect each of us deserves. We value our VOLUNTEERS who fulfill their obligations for the betterment of the Sorority. We value FRIENDSHIP by being loyal to each other, caring for each other, and recognizing the value inherent in each individual member.

Mission: Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional and social sorority founded in 1983 that promotes friendship, leadership, and professionalism to all members of the organization, the community, and our professions.


The future Alpha Omega Epsilon seeks to create: Alpha Omega Epsilon is the spirit of women in engineering and the technical sciences, devoted to an enriching and life-changing experience for our members. Sisters commit to a lifelong engagement with Alpha Omega Epsilon by reinforcing the bonds between each other and enhancing the experiences of future generations of engineers and technical scientists. The Sorority grows by developing successful members and instilling our core values in our membership. Our recognized and trusted brand represents the well-rounded engineer and technical scientist, inspiring pride in our Sisters. Our infrastructure, business processes, and expansion efforts provide a sustained competitive advantage. And, our network of diverse and talented volunteers is aligned in the relentless pursuit of our common purpose.

New Member Dues: around $100 for the first semester

Active Member Dues: around $200 per semester

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Alpha Omega Epsilon's National Website
Chapter Website
Chapter Facebook
Chapter Instagram
Chapter Twitter

Alpha Phi Omega Group Photo


Gender Inclusive Fraternity
Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega

National Founding Year: 1925

Chapter Founding Year: 1931

Organization Values: The values of Alpha Phi Omega are the develop leadership, promote friendship, and provide service.

Mission: It is the mission of Alpha Phi Omega to prepare campus and community leaders through service.

Vision: Our vision of Alpha Phi Omega is sharing, growing, improving, and investing through leadership, friendship, and service.

New Member Dues: $100 for the first semester

Active Member Dues: $30 per semester

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Alpha Phi Omega's National Website
Chapter Website
Chapter Instagram

Delta Kappa Alpha Logo

Co-Ed Fraternity


Omicron Chapter of Delta Kappa Alpha

National Founding Date: March 16, 1936

Chapter Charter Year: 2014

Organization Values: Creative, Curious, Enthusiastic, Generous, Honest, Humble, Proactive, Reliable, Resourceful, & Respectful

Mission: The mission of Delta Kappa Alpha is to foster lifelong character, collaborative and creative storytelling, ethical and productive business practices, philanthropic action, and fraternal bonds by and between students of the cinematic arts.

Vision: The vision of Delta Kappa Alpha is to be recognized as the premier institute of upstanding entertainment industry leaders.

New Member Dues: TBD

Active Member Dues: TBD

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Delta Sigma Pi Group Photo


Gender Inclusive Fraternity
Xi Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi

National Founding Date: November 7th, 1907

Chapter Installation Date: March 31st, 2001

Organization Values:

  • Leadership Development: Deltasig provides opportunities to strengthen leadership skills.
  • Commitment to Diversity: Our commitment to diversity makes us better business leaders.
  • Service & Philanthropy: We strengthen our communities by giving time, talent, and treasure.
  • Social & Professional Networking: Add value to your personal and professional life.


Delta Sigma Pi was built to develop collegiate members professionally while teaching them to be well versed in diversity, ethics, service, philanthropy, and leadership. We are known as the foremost business fraternity because we equip our members throughout their lives to achieve maximum impact in their studies, careers, communities, civic involvement, and personal relationships.


  • Member Education: We strive to equip members to excel as ethical leaders.
  • Membership Growth: We aim to attract and retain diverse students and community leaders.
  • Member Engagement: We plan to provide members with meaningful involvement opportunities. Organizational Excellence Strengthen infrastructure to support priorities.

New Member Dues: Approximately $136 for the first semester

Active Member Dues: Approximately $150 per semester

Length of New Member Period: 5-6 weeks

Delta Sigma Pi's National Website
Chapter Website
Chapter Instagram

Kappa Theta Pi Group Photo


Co-Ed Fraternity
Delta Chapter of Kappa Theta Pi

National Founding Date: January 10th, 2012

Chapter Founding Date: November 9th, 2017

Organization Values: Brotherhood, Advancement of Technology, and Professional Development


Kappa Theta Pi's mission is to spread our love and passion for technology, with as many people as possible. We believe that technology holds the key to so much success and understanding how it works would unlock a whole new world of opportunity for people. We especially are focused on trying to help the Syracuse community, which has been neglected for so long to fulfill its potential through technology. We believe that the technology boom over the last couple of decades has improved the lives of so many people and it still has a long way to go. We want our members to pursue their passions and make people's lives better through technology.

Vision: To connect people through our passion for technology and the immense opportunity to improve the world held in that field.

New Member Dues: Typically $95, due to Corona it is now $30

Active Member Dues: Typically $95, due to Corona it is now $30

Length of New Member Period: 6 weeks

Kappa Theta Pi National's Website
Chapter Website
Chapter Facebook
Chapter Instagram

Phi Delta Epsilon Logo
Co-Ed Fraternity


New York Nu Chapter of Phi Delta Epsilon

National Founding Date: October 13, 1904

Chapter Charter Date: April 14, 2012

Organization Values: Philanthropy, Deity, and Equity & Education

Mission: Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity creates physicians of integrity with a lifelong commitment to our guiding principles.

New Member Dues: TBD

Active Member Dues: TBD

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Phi Delta Epsilon National Website

Phi Sigma Pi Gender Inclusive Fraternity Group Photo


Gender Inclusive Fraternity
Beta Epsilon Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi

National Founding Date: February 14th, 1916

Chapter Founding Date: February 7th, 1993

Organization Principles: Phi Sigma Pi is built on a Tripod of three ideals: Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship which support the ultimate goal of social service.


Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity is a gender-inclusive organization dedicated to promoting lifelong learning, inspiring Members to lead, and cultivating lasting fraternal bonds, while always conducting our lives with honor. We consecrate ourselves to a life of social service with the goal of improving humanity through our principles: Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship.

New Member Dues: Approximately $200 first semester

Active Member Dues: Approximately $100 per semester

Length of New Member Period: 6 Weeks

Phi Sigma Pi's National Website
Chapter Website
Chapter Instagram

members of Zeta Phi Eta in a classroom


Delta Chapter of Zeta Phi Eta

National Founding Date: October 10, 1893

Chapter Installation Date: October 10, 2021

Organization Principles: Our pillars are Wisdom, Integrity, and Love. Wisdom, for we want our members to be smart, be open to learning, and be open to grow under their seniors and grow with their peers in a safe space. Integrity, for we want our members to be honest with us, their peers, and their community, to have a strong moral compass, and be able to represent them, their major, their community, and us to their fullest and best extent. Finally, Love, for we want our members to be warm and open, inviting to everyone with open arms, and to grow our Zeta Family.

Mission: Zeta Phi Eta is a national professional fraternity in Communication Arts & Sciences. As a professional fraternity, we aim to provide a sense of belonging to our members through professional, academic, social, and community service initiatives. We want to foster a community that allows for growth within different majors and emphasis that promote a strong community of like-minded people in the communication arts & science field. Our main goal is to create an environment for all communications students to come together and support one another while achieving personal and professional goals, as well as wanting to provide opportunities for sharing professional interests through activities in the fields of communications.

Vision: We want our members to have the opportunity to meet individuals with similar interests, career goals, and aspirations while creating lasting relationships and a sense of community along the way.

New Member Dues: $150

Active Member Dues: $100

Length of New Member Period: 4 Weeks

Zeta Phi Eta's National Website

Chapter Instagram