Medical Leave of Absence

A medical leave of absence (MLOA) is an action initiated by a student to leave the University for medical, psychological and/or substance abuse-related conditions when the conditions are impacting their ability to function safely or successfully in the University environment. A student wishing to take a MLOA must first discuss their request with a case manager by calling 315.443.4357 (HELP).

Important to Note

  • The date that a student makes the request to the University for a MLOA will be the effective date of the MLOA. Any request for MLOA made after the withdraw deadline will result in the student receiving failing grades (i.e., a letter grade of “F”) unless there are extenuating circumstances as reviewed and deemed as such by appropriate health and wellness designee.
  • If your medical leave is related to physical health or mental health concerns, additional information about the MLOA process, including required documentation, can be found on theĀ Barnes Center at The Arch website.