Request a Program/Workshop

Students, faculty, staff, and/or organizations may request a presentation/workshop from Community Standards. Requests should be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance. Requests for programs/workshops can be submitted using the Program Request Form. For any questions, please email

Available Programs for Request:

Managing Implicit Bias (60-minute workshop)
This workshop is designed to help students to learn about bias, the differences between implicit and explicit bias, how they work, and how they manifest in our daily lives. In this workshop, students will engage in activities that will help them uncover some of their own implicit biases as well as receive tips for becoming more aware of their biases, managing those biases, and helping others around them understand their own biases. This workshop also focuses in on understanding intentionality, impact, and microaggressions as well as other behaviors.

Allyship 101 (60-minute workshop)
Allyship is an essential need on college campuses to ensure all students are feeling welcomed and know that they belong. This interactive workshop is designed to help students understand the true meaning of allyship and why it is important to be an ally and show allyship towards those who may need support. In this workshop, students will brainstorm allyship behavior strategies and receive guidance on best practices for allyship, empowerment, and bias intervention.

Bias Intervention and Response (60-minute workshop)
As members of the SU community, it is on all of us to be a part of creating a safe and inclusive campus community. This workshop gives participants the opportunity to discuss what bias is in action and how to best intervene when bias occurs. This workshop provides a review of real-life, relatable examples and incorporates activities for students to practice intervention skills and techniques. In this workshop, students will learn about: the importance and power of bystander intervention, the bias response and education resources on campus, and how to report bias-related incidents they experience, witness, or hear about on or around campus.

Disrupting Racial Bias (60-minute workshop)
Over the past few years, racial bias has been the most reported type of bias on campus and it’s no secret that racial bias has a large presence in our society. This workshop is designed to push students past their comfort zones and challenge participants to look at racial bias with a critical lens. In this workshop, we discuss the differing levels of racial bias in our society, how racial bias can manifest, and how to disrupt racial bias on and off campus. This workshop is equipped with high-leverage activities intended to help students understand racial bias from new perspectives and engage in meaningful dialogue around racial bias with one another.

Bias Response Resource Presentation (15-20 minute overview)
The Bias Response Resource Presentation is a 15-20 minute-long presentation aimed to inform campus community members about the bias response resources and educational opportunities available on campus. This short overview provides participants with a basic understanding of what bias is and what our community does to recognize, prevent, report, and stop bias. This session also allows time for questions about our resources and protocols.

Decision Making (80 Min)
This workshop will provide you with the tools necessary to learn positive decision-making skills in order to make decisions based on your own ethics and morals.

Character Strengths (60 Min)
This workshop will provide you with the tools necessary to be resilient and use your strengths to grow as a positive member of the Syracuse University community.

Conflict Coaching (60 Min)
Conflict Coaching will give you tools for addressing conflict in the future.

Conduct Process Overview (45 Min)
This session is focused for faculty, staff, and student organizations and covers the basic overview of the Student Conduct Code, University conduct process, and student rights.