Student Record Holds

Part 16.

16.1 The University reserves the right to place a hold on a respondent student’s academic records, until an investigation and conduct case (if any) is resolved. The hold may prevent the student from registering from classes or obtaining a copy of their academic transcript. Absent special circumstances, students may not withdraw from the University while an investigation or conduct case is pending.

A student who attempts to withdraw from the University rather than participate in the conduct process may be classified as having been withdrawn for disciplinary reasons. This status will be noted on the student’s transcript as “Withdrew with Conduct Charges Pending.” A student who withdraws under these circumstances is not permitted to enter onto Syracuse University owned, operated, or controlled property, including but not limited to University-owned land leased to a non-University affiliated party, and may not participate in any course or program offered by Syracuse University until the pending matter is resolved.