Disciplinary Records and Transcript Notations

Part 15.

15.1 Access to disciplinary records is provided in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended.

Except in unusual circumstances as determined in its sole discretion, and consistent with federal law, Syracuse University will seek to notify parents or guardians of conduct issues involving dependent students as follows:

a. In an emergency;

b. After assignment of educational intervention, for a case involving amnesty for help-seeking behavior;

c. After final outcome and finding of responsibility in all alcohol and drug-related offenses;

d. After final outcome and finding of responsibility in all offenses resulting in disciplinary probation, suspension or expulsion.

15.2 Disciplinary records are retained for seven (7) years from the date of the most recent incident in the student’s file or until one (1) year after the student has graduated from the University, whichever is longer. Records of students who were suspended, expelled, prohibited from future enrollment or otherwise withdrawn for disciplinary reasons are retained indefinitely. Students are advised to consult the Academic Integrity Office with regard to the records retention policies associated with academic dishonesty cases.

15.3 Students found to be responsible for non-violence related violations who are suspended or expelled will have the following notation listed on their transcript: “Administrative Withdrawal – University Initiated”. Students found to be responsible for violence related violations as defined by the Clery Act who are suspended or expelled will have their University transcripts issued with the following notations:

a. In cases of suspension – “suspended after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation.”

b. In cases of expulsion – “expelled after a finding of responsibility for code of conduct violation.”

c. If a student who has alleged to have been involved in an incident involving violence related violations withdraws from the University with an investigation or conduct case pending, the following notation will be listed on their University transcript: “withdrew with conduct charges pending.”

Students who have been suspended who would like to appeal the suspension notation on their transcript may do so one year after the conclusion of the suspension via the process listed in section 15.4. Notations for expulsion will not be removed.

15.4 Students who choose to appeal a suspension notation on their transcript may do so via the following process:

a. Appeals submitted prior to one year after the completion of the suspension will not be considered.

b. In order to appeal a suspension notation on a University transcript, all readmission or other sanction requirements must be completed at the time of the request.

c. If a student has been determined to be responsible for any additional conduct-related incidents which took place after the start of the suspension, appeals will not be considered.

d. Requests for removal of a suspension notation should be submitted in writing to Community Standards at 804 University Ave., Suite 106, Syracuse, NY 13244 or via email at studentconduct@syr.edu. Submissions should contain the following:

    • A brief description of the incident and the sanction imposed.
    • Reflections on the student’s actions, how they have impacted the student as well as others.
    • An account of the student’s decision-making and behavior since the incident.
    • An explanation as to why the student believes that the transcript notation indicating suspension should be removed from their transcript.
    • Any supporting material (letters of recommendation, verification of community service and/or employment).

e. All requests will be responded to in writing. If the request is granted, the notation of suspension will be removed.