Safety Resources

The following information details various safety resources available for students.

Department of Public Safety (DPS): DPS has a variety of safety information to help you maintain a safe and secure environment while at Syracuse University. Crime Prevention information contains information regarding bicycle registration, bystander intervention strategies, and general safety strategies among other helpful material.

Orange Safe: The Orange Safe app provides users a variety of functions, including an immediate connection to DPS, access to campus safety notifications, and the ability to have a friend watch you move across campus in real time.

Residential Community Safety Officer (RCSO): The RCSO program provides staff members at specific entry points to residence halls during identified hours. When an RCSO is present, all individuals entering the residence hall must tap and show their SUID card to gain entry past the lobby area.

Safety Escort Shuttle: Parking and Transportation Services manages the Safety Escort Shuttle, which provides transportation to the neighborhood areas surrounding the University during the evening and overnight hours. Requests for a safety escort can be made through the Orange Safe app.

Safe Walk: This is a feature found within the Orange Safe app where you can send your location to a friend who can watch you walk on a map in the app. If your friend observes you not moving towards your direction or going in a different direction than you planned, they can alert emergency services.