Part 2. Off-Campus Living

Living off-campus immerses students in the life of the community beyond the immediate University campus experiences. Student Living wants your living experience to be positive and engaging and to challenge you to learn new skills to help you succeed living independently.

You have more flexibility on how and when you choose to engage in the life of the campus as well as with your neighbors. We encourage you to introduce yourself to your neighbors, participate in neighborhood activities, and remain active on-campus. SL wants to provide resources to help you navigate your off-campus experience and enhance your campus and community engagement.

As a member of Syracuse University’s off-campus community, you should expect:

  • To contribute to the living environment in your community by getting to know and respecting your neighbors;
  • To receive timely information from SL, when reasonably possible;
  • To be an active contributor in creating an off-campus environment where physical and emotional safety and security are priorities;
  • To be treated with respect and consideration;
  • To seek the assistance of SL staff in resolving roommate or neighbor disputes after already having attempted to resolve such concerns yourself;
  • To be challenged to learn about being a member of an off-campus community;
  • To take responsibility for your personal and property safety by following good safety habits.

Student Living expects all students who live off-campus to follow all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.

When moving off-campus, students automatically acquire the responsibility to be a good neighbor and learn new ways of living independently in an area where students, faculty, staff, and local community members may live. Off-Campus Living expectations provide a foundation for acceptable standards of behavior when living in the off-campus communities. Students are also expected to abide by the Student Conduct Code.

Student Living will periodically engage in visual observations of the surrounding off-campus community to identify potential concerns related to off-campus living. Concerns will be addressed through educational interventions and referral to the student conduct process if students are not compliant.

Concerns regarding alleged violations of University policies will primarily be addressed by contacting the student(s) and reviewing Student Living policies and good neighbor behavior. Formal charges involving alleged violations of University policies and/or the Student Conduct Code may be filed where there are repeated and/or egregious concerns.

Alleged violations of the University policies are resolved through the Student Living Policies resolution process or the student conduct process. In addition, some behavior may violate a local law or ordinance, which may result in a response from City of Syracuse law enforcement, code enforcement, or other city department.