TimeClock Plus

Effective July 1, 2021, all hourly student employees will begin using TimeClock Plus, an automated web clock tool, to clock in and out throughout their shift. Offices and departments who use a physical time clock will continue to do so. Time will continue to be approved in MySlice.

Accessing TimeClock Plus

  • Log into MySlice with NetID and password.
  • Go to ‘Manager Self Service.’
  • Select ‘Time Clock System.’
  • Another option is to log in to ‘Departmental Administrator’ and locate the ‘Time and Labor Work Center’ tile.

PLEASE NOTE: Student employees and supervisors can access the alternative web clock login  via the Payroll website.

The links will remain available on the Payroll website in the event MySlice is ever unavailable in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Graduate, research and teaching assistants are not paid hourly and therefore do not need to clock in and out.

Using TimeClock Plus enhances student time recording and accuracy of student's work time, and supports compliance with federal regulations.

No. When a student completes their time in/out, it will automatically transfer to PeopleSoft timesheets. Supervisors will continue to approve time as usual.

Clock-in and out rounding is based on six-minute increments (1/10th hour rounding).

For example:

  • If a student clocks in between 7:57 a.m. and 8:03 a.m., the clock-in time will be rounded to 8 a.m.
    • If a student clocks in at 7:56:59 a.m., it will be rounded to 7:54 a.m.
    • If a student clocks in at 8:03:01 a.m., it will be rounded to 8:06 a.m.

A supervisor can manually enter the time in or out.

Student employees may enter notes regarding the details of their shift in TimeClock Plus.

Instructions for students:

  • Log into TimeClock Plus.
  • Enter SU ID number and select clock-in.
    • Student must enter the note after clocking in.
  • Click on continue.
  • Click on view.
  • Click on the blue note and enter note.
  • Click on add and enter note and select save.
  • The blue paper indicates a note was entered.

The notes will transfer to students PeopleSoft timesheet for supervisor review.

Student employees will have view-only access to their hours in the current PeopleSoft timesheets. They cannot enter or change hours within PeopleSoft.

Students will enter any eligible sick time through their PeopleSoft timesheet.  Sick time is subject to availability and supervisor approval.

A student employee cannot be clocked into two jobs at the same time without creating a conflicting segment. The clock would also error on the attempted clock operation. Contact the Payroll Specialist at 315.443.4190 or timeclock@syr.edu to resolve.

By default, the system uses Eastern Standard Time (EST) since it is our organization's time zone.

Yes. If you need access, contact the Payroll Specialist at 315.443.4190 or timeclock@syr.edu.

Training materials are available, and you may also contact the Payroll Specialist at 315.443.4190 or timeclock@syr.edu to schedule training. Learn more about adding, editing and reviewing employee hours in the Individual Hours Guide and creating, customizing, printing and saving reports on your employee hours in the Period Reports Guide.