Posting a Job on ’Cuse Works

Student Employment posts both Federal Work-Study and non-Federal Work-Study jobs online on Handshake, Syracuse University’s centralized career management tool accessible to all students. On-campus and off-campus employers can provide their job posting information to Student Employment directly by emailing or calling 315.443.2268. Please note, we are not able to post opportunities for private individuals.

Posting a Job on ’Cuse Works

To support employers looking for student workers, please refer to our list of instructions and helpful tips. We have included a template for job postings on Handshake as well as a template for a job offer letter for your reference.

  1. Visit the Accessing Handshake section of the Syracuse University Career Services webpage and follow the instructions.

  1. Once approval is given to hire student employees, confirm with Budget Department.
  2. If a new PIN is needed, select “Position Evaluation Request (PER)” in PeopleSoft and follow prompts. For help, using your NetID and password, visit the Answers PER/PIN Help webpage.
  3. If you do not have a NetID and password, please contact Student Employment Staff for assistance.

  1. Non-Syracuse University Students (SUNY ESF, Le Moyne College, OCC, etc.) are not considered student employees. They are required to apply through SU Job Opps and are considered temporary employees. It is important that you verify the student’s university status before proceeding with their application.
  2. When hiring a non-Syracuse University student, please follow the instructions for creating a PIN for a temporary Syracuse University employee.

  1. Secure and confirm your PIN.
  2. Create an employer account on Handshake.
  3. In Handshake, select “Post a Job” to create a job posting.
  4. Complete prompts using the information listed then select “Save.”
  5. For the job description, use the

    ’Cuse Works template.

  6. Preview the job posting and edit as needed.
  7. Finally, select “Save” located in the bottom right.

  1. Log in to Handshake with your employer account.
  2. Review applications and update statuses by selecting the drop down menu.
  3. Statuses should change from “pending” to “reviewed” and by the end of the hiring process they should be “hired” or “declined.”
  4. Student Employment Staff (SES) will monitor applicant statuses and will reach out if there aren’t regular updates.
  5. Hover over “Preferences” to see if students meet your criteria such as School Year/Graduation Date, Major, GPA, etc.

  1. Log in to Handshake with your employer account.
  2. If you required applicants to attach documents such as a resume, cover letter, writing sample, etc., you can obtain the documents by selecting “Export Documents.”
  3. Select the boxes of the documents to view, then select “Next.”
  4. Select “Confirm.”
  5. Once the download is complete, you can select the link for the file and an email will be sent to you from Handshake with the files(s).

  1. Log in to Handshake with your employer account.
  2. Update student statuses in Handshake.
  3. Student may not start work until their acceptance and I-9 are on file.
  4. While this standard offer letter is required for all Division of Enrollment and Student Experience departments and sent on their behalf by the Student Employment Office, we encourage other divisions to use it. If you would like to have this sent on your behalf, please contact the Student Employment Office. Please note, this letter has been reviewed and approved by legal.
  5. Once the final candidate(s) have been approved, work with Human Resources to enter the student employee’s job information into PeopleSoft (through Smart HR).
  6. Ensure I-9 information is completed including required forms of identification. Visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification webpage for additional information. Please contact the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Form I-9 Contact Center for assistance using documents.

Note: Students will need to be hired onto your Payroll prior to completing the I-9 form. Once the SmartHire is approved by Human Resources, the student will receive an email from LawLogix with a unique link to complete the I-9 form remotely with a person of their choosing.