Guest and Visitor Information


Guest and Visitor Privileges:  Students living in the residence halls and South Campus apartments may have guests and visitors in their residential facility. Guests are individuals affiliated with Syracuse University (e.g., other Syracuse University students) and SUNY ESF students. Visitors are individuals external to Syracuse University, such as a parent, family, or friend. Pre-registration is required for all minor visitors (age 16 and 17). Please review the Guests and Visitors policy for specific requirements to host guests and visitors as well as for instructions on how to register a minor visitor. Photo ID is request for all visitors age 16 and older.

Guest/Visitor Policy and Registration

At all times, students and guests/visitors are to follow all instructions of the Residential Community Safety Officer (RCSO). Student Living will continue to follow all public health guidelines when making any adjustments to guest and visitor privileges.

For your reference, occupancy limit information for residence hall rooms and apartments is available on the Student Living Policies page.