Considering Off-Campus Housing

Living off-campus is a decision that will have an impact on your college experience. The appeal of living on your own is enhanced by the opportunities it presents for more privacy and personal space as well as a greater sense of freedom and independence. As you begin to explore this opportunity, it is important to be thorough in your preparation and search process.

As you begin considering your options, start by determining your needs. Some things to consider in this process include proximity to campus, type of housing, affordability, furnishings, etc.

  • How close to campus do you want to be?
  • How close to other services do you want to be (e.g., stores, food, bus transportation, etc.)?
  • Are you looking for a house, apartment complex, studio apartment, single or shared rental?
  • How many roommates will you have?
  • How much can you afford and what is your budget?
  • Do you need parking on or off-street?
  • If on-street parking is needed, what are the rules and City of Syracuse codes?
  • What is the length of a lease you will need?
  • Will you have pets?
  • Will you need furnishings or do you need to rent a furnished property?
  • Do you need onsite laundry services or will you utilize off-site locations?

  • Is the area well lit?
  • Have I viewed outside the property and the surrounding area during the day and at night?
  • Are there signs of damage, graffiti or vandalism?
  • Does the area appear well-maintained or neglected?
  • Does the property have a fire alarm system?
  • Does the property have a security alarm/system?
  • Introduce yourself to neighbors and share that you are looking to rent a property in the area. Ask about the neighborhood environment and safety.
  • Call the City of Syracuse Division of Code Enforcement at 315.448.8695┬áto inquire about any code violations and inspections that occurred with the property.

If you intend to study abroad, your lease needs to permit subletting and you will need to find someone to whom you can sublet, otherwise you will be responsible for paying rent on the property while you are abroad. If you need housing for only part of the year due to studying abroad, you may want to explore on-campus housing options instead, as signing a one semester housing agreement may be less challenging. For more information about on-campus options, please contact Housing, Meal Plan, and ID Card Services.

Determine Your Needs

To help you keep track of your needs and interests, Student Living has developed an online tool that you can complete, enter your email address, a have copy will be sent back to you for your records. The responses you provide can help as you begin the housing search process. If your needs change, you may complete the form again.

Determining Your Off-Campus Needs