Central Office and Administrative Staff

Central Office & Administrative Staff Overview

The central office and administrative staff provide leadership, oversight and day-to-day administrative support for Student Living. With five central office directors, five assistant directors, three coordinators, and five administrative specialists, our central office staff support our Residential, Graduate, and Student Staff in the support of our student living communities. See more information about our central office team below. You may contact a member of our central office team by calling 315.443.3637.

  • Steven Herndon
    Assistant Vice President
  • Lauren Murphy
    Director of Residence Life
  • Eric Nestor
    Director for Apartment & Off-Campus Living
  • Courtney Bazan Colvin
    Associate Director for Staff Processes & Student Development
  • Dan Cutler
    Director of Living Learning Communities

  • Taylor Gale
    Assistant Director - North Neighborhood
  • Joseph Personte
    Assistant Director - South Neighborhood
  • Karess Gillespie
    Assistant Director - East Neighborhood
  • Mel Molsberry
    Assistant Director - West Neighborhood
  • Quincy Bufkin
    Assistant Director for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Jessica Newsom
    Assistant Director for Living Learning Communities
  • Bram Stone
    Coordinator for Student Staffing & Leadership
  • Drew Johnson
    Assistant Director for Curriculum Development
  • Giuliana Painter
    Coordinator for Living Learning Communities

  • Emily Farnach
    Administrative Specialist for Staff Processes
  • Maryanne Ross
    Administrative Assistant to Assistant Vice President
  • Ezra Lockwood
    Administrative Assistant for Communications
  • Carrie Giovinazzo
    Administrative Assistant for Budget & Operation
  • Melinda Secor
    Administrative Specialist - South Campus
  • Barbara Norris
    Administrative Specialist - Living Learning Communities