Programs & Events

Each professional and student leader in the SL is given the opportunity to participate in one or more departmental committees / project teams.

Committees are responsible for setting a direction & developing initiatives in a range of foundational areas. Project work is more defined in scope and is responsive to a current issue. Staff also have the opportunity to co-chair a committee with a central office director or coordinator after their first year of employment.

Please contact the department leads below to connect on current committees and their relevant activities.

Contact: Quincy Bufkin, Assistant Director for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Purpose: To create a community for staff & students where we celebrate multiple approaches & points of view in order to build a culture where differences are valued.

Contact: Eric Nestor, Director for Apartment & Off-Campus Living

Purpose: To review, update, and improve departmental operations and communications for the betterment of internal processes as well as the experiences of the student, families, and staff that engage with our team.

Contact: Drew Johnson, Coordinator for Academic Initiatives and Assessments

Purpose: Student Living’s Playbook committee focuses our work around the question “what are our students learning?” through creating, implementing, and improving the SL Playbook – SL’s curricular approach to residential education.

Contact: Courtney Bazan Colvin, Associate Director, for Staff Processes and Student Leadership Development

Purpose: To support and retain student affairs professionals that are committed to student development and empowering student communities. Our professionals our the lifeblood of our department and they help to create a positive student experience. Additionally, training provides time for our staff to build a foundation for department direction, establish expectations and examine our practices.

Contact: Bram Stone, Coordinator for Student Staffing & Leadership

Purpose: Create and implement departmental leadership initiatives that include the development of learning outcomes, assessment strategies, and connection to the OSL Playbook along with finding ways to provide recognition and appreciation for student leaders and staff within the OSL.

Contact: Bram Stone, Coordinator for Student Staffing & Leadership & Courtney Bazan Colvin, Associate Director, for Staff Processes and Student Leadership Development

Purpose: To recruit, select, and retain student leaders and professional staff who will help us foster a positive, safe, inclusive & supportive community within our residential experience.

Contact: Mel Molsberry, Assistant Director

Purpose: To provide high quality training and development for all student staff within the department.