The Access Mentoring Program is a mentoring program which connects disabled undergraduates with disabled peer and staff mentors, and is overseen by Coordinator Kate Pollack and Graduate Assistant Jennith Lucas of the Disability Cultural Center. Access Mentoring meets biweekly at the Intercultural Collective (Schine 132); and a discussion topic is introduced for each meeting. Mentees also discuss their successes and challenges navigating college life and academics with Kate, Jennith, and other program members. Access Mentoring seeks to support disabled undergraduate students as they acclimate to campus, assist students with resources, and support student’s academic achievement and success by providing them with an understanding environment and system of support.

Access Mentoring is open to undergraduates with any disabilities, including developmental, mental health, learning, physical, and addiction-related disabilities. You are welcome here!

If you’re interested in joining Access Mentoring, email Kate Pollack.