Living Together as Roommates

On-Campus Room Assignments and COVID-19

As a reminder, all students living and learning on campus are required to follow University policy for maximizing individual and community safety during the pandemic. This includes being fully immunized with a COVID-19 vaccine or having an approved religious or medical exemption. Those with an approved exemption are required to test weekly and wear a mask when indoors and when outdoors with others.

The vaccination or exemption status of individual students cannot be shared and was not a factor when making room assignments. The move-in process begins soon, and room assignments are not able to be changed at this time. Students will be able to request a room relocation once the semester has started, but these moves cannot occur until at least February 15, 2022, and are done on a space-available basis. If you would like to connect with someone about a roommate conflict or concern, please reach out to your Residence Director (RD).

Staff in Student Living (SL) will work with roommates on their living agreements, having a conversation and setting standards in their rooms. Unvaccinated students accessing campus with an approved medical or religious waiver need to mask when around others in public, but do not need to do so in their private rooms. All students should discuss wearing masks with their roommates as part of the living agreement. For some students, having conversations about a new living situation may be more challenging. Please know we are here to assist.

Helpful Resources

  • Questions / concerns about vaccine requirements, vaccination status / general health questions: please connect with staff at the Barnes Center at the Arch by calling 315.443.8000.
  • Documentation for vaccines, etc. should be uploaded to the student Patient Portal.
  • Questions about testing and other COVID-related matters: Stay Safe website.