Fall Move-in

We are looking forward to your arrival on-campus later this summer! A few frequently asked question s are below. However, be sure to check for the most current information on Syracuse Welcome!

Move-in FAQs

Yes. You may ship your items prior to your arrival. We ask that you work to ship items to arrive on-campus no earlier that August 20, 2022.

North Campus Residence Halls:

Packages will begin being delivered to residence hall main desks on August 20, 2022, in preparation for your arrival. You can locate your building's mailing address here. Note: see FAQ for specifics on shipping to 206 Walnut Place and the Marley Center.

South Campus Apartments:

Packages shipped via private carrier (e.g., UPS, FedEx) will be delivered to the Goldstein Student Center (GSC), room 109, through August 29, 2022. You will be able to pick them up in the GSC when you arrive on campus. Packages shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) will be placed in parcel boxes located near your apartment building, space provided, or delivered directly to the outside of your apartment door if the item is too large for a parcel box.  After August 29, 2022, packages from private carriers will be delivered directly to your doorstep while USPS will continue through the parcel boxes.

Mail and packages should be addressed as follows when living in the South Campus apartments:

Student Name
### Building/Street, Apt. #
Syracuse, NY 13244


Jane Doe
330 Chinook Drive, Apt. 3
Syracuse, NY 13244

Directions on how to get to your on-campus housing location can be found on the New Student and Family Programs website.

Mail and packages for students living at 206 Walnut Place will be serviced by Haven Hall. Please send all items using the following address:

Student Name
WP Resident, Room #
c/o Haven Hall
400 Comstock Ave
Syracuse NY 13244-2418

Mail and packages for students living at Marley Center will be serviced by Brewster/Boland Halls. Please send all items using the following address:

Student Name
Marley Center, Room #
c/o Brewster Boland Hall
401 Van Buren St
Syracuse NY 13244-2732