Charges and Fees

Internal Charges

All Student Centers event spaces carry two types of charges: a room rental fee and a technical package fee.

  • Registered Student Organizations are not required to pay the room rental fee.
  • Technical packages are flat rate fees that are all inclusive of Student Engagement staffing and equipment needed to support an event.  Technical package fees vary depending on both event type and venue.  For more information, please see our fees page.

External Charges

For events requiring additional services from both on- and off-campus service providers, sponsors may be responsible for additional fees based on the individual policies of those vendors.

Pass-through charges will be added to the Student Engagement invoice and will include both on-campus services such as DPS and Fire Safety, as well as any off-campus vendors who may be providing additional equipment or support for an event.  Student Engagement will make arrangements to rent any technical equipment that we do not already own ourselves.  Those costs will be included in the invoice without mark-up.  For example, if an off-campus sound or lighting company is contracted to support a concert or musical performance that Student Engagement does not have the capacity to support on its own, the space appropriate Concert Package is still applied to the invoice due to the amount of preparation and level of staffing needed to accommodate that company.