Event Guidelines

Student Activities Event Guidelines 2021-2022

**Updated January 27, 2022**

 Syracuse University continues to follow public health guidelines to provide safe, engaging activities on campus. The University will always operate out of an abundance of caution to protect the campus community. It is presumed that all university-sponsored events will provide a higher expectation of safety and security to our campus community and will have staff present to oversee the event. To promote and maintain the health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff, the Office of Student Activities is implementing the following protocols related to in-person student events.

  1. Outside speakers, performers, and other artists are permitted to conduct in-person programs or events on campus, provided the event is a one-time, standalone engagement. If the artist plans to remain on campus for a multi-day engagement, further guidance may be required.
    1. All live performances (contracted, and student) – must wear a mask off-stage. However, on stage, they are allowed to be unmasked.  If you choice to be unmasked, we will need to provide at least 10ft of distance from the audience. This will limit the number of seats available for performance, based on meeting that requirement per venue
  2. There are no capacity reductions planned for the 2021-2022 academic year; however, we encourage event sponsors to consider de-densifying venues as they are
    1. Using outdoor spaces as it gets
    2. Pursue virtual attendance options when
  3. Off-Campus travel is not prohibited, however during significant virus spread, it is encouraged to use d virtual option if available.
  4. Individuals who are feeling sick may not attend
  5. Participants are expected to wear a mask in accordance with the current COVID level and masking framework on
    1. Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) should continue strict adherence to University masking requirements in the context of all meetings and events. The COVID level can be found on the SU Stay Safe website.
    2. If, at any time during an event, it is found that attendees are not complying with the current masking requirements, a warning will be Should a second warning be required, and immediate compliance is not achieved, the event will be concluded.
  6. Event sponsors should consider the necessity of food at their Eating and drinking requires attendees to remove their mask. If the event can be successfully held without food or drink, it should be.
    1. Food options should be limited to grab and go options, and/or events with a seated/designated area.
  7. Sanitation stations should be set up at the event space to promote hand
  8. Signs should be displayed to remind participants of event policies and
  9. Failure to adhere to the Stay Safe Pledge, mask wearing requirements, or event specific policies will result in an attendee’s removal from the program. Students who violate these policies will be subject to referral to the Office of Community
  10. The event host is responsible for ensuring that participants adhere to mask wearing requirements and for asking participants to leave if they violate these expectations.
  11. Staff must rigorously clean and disinfect any rented or shared equipment between
  12. SU and ESF student attendees will be required to swipe into the event using their SU/ESF ID card for the purposes of contact
  13. Additional staffing may be required to assist with enforcing event guidelines. The event host is responsible for providing this staffing.
  14. Student organizations hosting events must also abide by all Office of Student Activities policies (event security, finance rules, etc.)
  15. RSOs have the option to allow individuals who are external to the Syracuse University campus community (i.e. parents, family members, community members, etc., known as “guests”) to attend RSO events, provided all the following conditions are met:
    • Guests attending any RSO event are subject to the University masking The RSO must communicate this requirement as a condition of attendance on all event marketing and promotional materials and is responsible for the enforcement of this requirement at the event.
    • Attendance at any RSO event cannot exceed the capacity limitation established by CPDC for any on-campus venue or convening (Capacities of spaces on campus can be found on the Classroom Resource Guide or the Student Centers and Programming Services website. Some capacities may depend on the venue setup.) The RSO is responsible and accountable for enforcement of this requirement.
    • The RSO will implement appropriate risk-mitigation strategies including (but not limited to):
      • Limiting venue capacity to allow for social distancing in support of those who may be uncomfortable in crowded, large group
      • Structuring events that include food/drink to include a designated area where no food is permitted and therefore no eating or drinking. This will allow those participants who may be uncomfortable being in close proximity to individuals eating/drinking (and thus unmasked) to be separate and apart from those eating/drinking during the The RSO will be responsible for enforcing this expectation in the designated area.

The University’s COVID Project Management Office is available to RSOs as a resource to address any questions or provide counsel, with regard to ensuring best health promotion and prevention practices can be implemented at RSO events.

*Adjustment to the guidelines can be made at any time, per federal, state, local, and university guidance.

**The University reserves the right to cancel events to ensure best public health practices and to comply with changes to University policies and procedures. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in event cancellation and loss of privileges for future event.