Winter Carnival

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Winter Carnival is a tradition that dates back to 1930, Winter Carnival historically offers outdoor and indoor activities, including human dog sled races, ice-carvings, chili cook-offs, snow sculptures, and other events that coincide with Syracuse Winterfest. Check out the events from the 2022 Winter Carnival below:

Monday 2/21  – Schine Take Over: we will be taking over the top area of Schine Student Center, handing out flyers and shirt giveaways! A fun little event before the game and a great way to do some marketing heading into the week!  

Tuesday 2/22Carnival: will be turning Goldstein Auditorium into a full carnival, including games (traditional table top carnival games), activities (inflatable, mini golf, photo booth), food (cotton candy, popcorn, corn dogs etc.), and giveaways! 

Wednesday 2/23Basketball & Bingo: traditional bingo with prizes and then a game center bingo board (mark off when they call buddy “buddy buckets”). With food prizes, and giveaways!  

Thursday 2/24Chili Cook off: one of Winter Carnivals oldest traditions, 5 chili recipe submissions are entered and they will be put to the test to see which one the student body thinks is the best! 

Thursday 2/24Cozy Capella: annual a cappella show were all the groups come and before, they all wear pajamas making  it Cozy Capella 

Friday 2/25Glow Skate at Tennity: Collaboration with OAD and DCC, a glow in the dark, silent disco ice skating night. We will have glow items to hand out and foods/desserts!


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