’Cuse Challenge

The Mobile App for Signature Syracuse Experiences

’Cuse Challenge is a mobile app that encourages you, as a student, to participate in campus activities and traditions throughout your time at Syracuse University. Think of this as your bucket list of things to do before you graduate. Join the ’Cuse Challenge and take part in the many traditions that foster community, inclusion, discovery and leadership and help make the Syracuse student experience so distinct. In the app you will find challenges comprised of all aspects of activities and events from: academics, athletics, recreation, concerts and entertainment, volunteering, off-campus activities, and much more.

How Does it Work?

Download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Complete traditions by following the “how to complete” challenge instructions for each one in the app. Earn points and win prizes by completing challenges and competing with your classmates.

‘Cuse Challenge Mobile App Layout


  1. All photos must be from the current academic year — no submitting photos from a previous year — unless the description says past photos are OK.
  2. All photos must be from current events. If an event is scheduled for November, photos for that event submitted beforehand will not be accepted!
  3. All photos must be your original photos that YOU have taken. No downloading photos from the web or using the same photo that a friend submits unless you are both in the photo.
  4. Follow the directions closely — if the challenge calls for you to perform a specific action or take a photo with someone else, please comply or the photo will not be accepted.
  5. You are not allowed to submit the same photo for more than one challenge.
  6. Please use captions on your photos — this will be an archive of your time at Syracuse University, make it memorable!


By completing challenges, you not only get bragging rights, you will be entered to win prizes, too!

Complete 12 challenges and be entered to win one of 25 swag bags. Complete 15 challenges and you will be entered to win an early lottery housing room selection spot! The deadline to complete challenges for these prizes is Sunday, Oct. 10.

Sample Challenges

Here are some of the challenges you can complete right away when you download the app:

Dome Game Day: The Carrier Dome is an electric environment for students to come together to root for the Orange. Attending a sporting event in the Dome is a must-do for any Syracuse student.

Orange After Dark: Celebrate the end of the week by attending an Orange After Dark (OAD) event! OAD brings together students to have a fun time featuring everything from famous comedians to laser tag arenas. Grab some friends or make more at one of their many events!

THE Hall of Languages Pic: Picture this: You’re on campus for the first time, getting your tour by a U100 member or maybe exploring by yourself. You are in front of the Hall of Languages. You see Syracuse University etched into stone. No matter how hard you tried holding back, you can’t help but throw your body next to those letters, throw a stranger your phone and snap some pictures. Either that or your mom made you take a picture. Whichever way it happened or will happen, make sure you get this quintessential HOL pic.

Student Organizations: With over 300 recognized student organizations, there are a ton of ways to get involved on campus. From media to religion to sports to cultural orgs, you’re bound to find something that interests you.